The Bush Economic Boom

200,000 jobs created. ‘Murica Fuck Yeah!

The libs want to believe the fed is causing hyperinflation; the exact opposite has happened as the US dollar remains the world’s number one reserve currency. The left wants to believe that America needs to get its fiscal house in order, that wealth inequality is undesirable and is bad for the economy, that STEM is overrated, that IQ is not important, or that America is not exceptional. Some people are born smarter than others – it’s in our genes. America has the best consumer spending in the world, the best performing stock market, the best performing currency, the best fed, the strongest military, the smartest generation (millennials), and is home of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, Uber, and Snapchat – to name a few.

Six years later and the Bush recovery rages on. The Bush legacy is the strongest bull market ever, the fastest job growth since the 90’s, and the fundamentals of the US economy not just being strong – but, when adjusted for inflation, stronger than the rest of the world. Had Bush been given another eight years we’d still have the post-2008 bull market and job creation, maybe even more so because there would have been none of headwinds incurred by the debt ceiling and spending cut issues. Foreign leaders still think Obama, compared to Bush, is an effete, uxorious wealth spreader, a pushover, and a wimp. Merkel, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the president of China, Xi Jinping, would all agree (even if they don’t voice such opinions in the open) that Obama’s softness on terror has made the world less safe, and that Obama cares more about not offending Muslims than stopping the enemies that threaten civilization. Obama stands with street thugs, not the police. Fed policy has been a huge success too; the easy money policies, in addition to strong economic fundamentals, are inflating the stock market, real estate, and the unending web 2.0 boom.