Irreconcilable Differences (Pragmatic Right vs. Paleo Right)

Pragmatic Right

Strongly individualistic

Some central planning (e.g.,eugenics, basic income)

More high-tech immigration

Supply-side economics

Proactive interventionism

Optimistic about science and technology


Supports civil unions or indifferent on the issue of gay marriage

Belief in biological determinism

Related ideologies: neoliberalism, objectivism, minarchism, utilitarianism, neoconservatism, transhumanism, third way, classical liberalism

Paleo Right

Pro-Family, Pro-Community

Minimal central govt.

No immigration

Strongly anti-deficit spending, anti-fed, minimal or no globalization




Opposes gay marriage

Nurture tends to supersede nature; blank slate

Related ideologies: old right, Christian right, libertarian republican, far-right, paleoconservatism, Jeffersonian republican

What they agree on:

Oppose political correctness

Oppose egalitarianism

Seek to minimize/eliminate the welfare state (pragmatists may seek a basic income to replace much of the welfare state)

Anti-SJW (except for, perhaps, some neo liberals)

Oppose minimum wage (the basic income could make minimum wages unnecessary)

This schism is most evident on conservative message boards; for example, some individuals want to seal the borders, but others want more high-tech immigration; or some support interventionism to stop terror, and others are unequivocally opposed to any intervention unless attacked first.