No Recession In Technology As Apple Reports Blowout Earnigns

With over 74 million iphones sold in a single quarter, Apple reports it’s biggest earnings ever, proving once and for all that there is no recession or crisis in large cap technology.

The people who are buying iPhones, uploading pictures to Facebook, tweeting, and take selfies with Snapchat are not only creating economic value, but they don’t care about Greece. They don’t care about soft Caterpillar earnings or about weak durable goods numbers. They don’t care too much about the national debt, about QE creating artificial asset bubbles, or about wealth inequality being too high. Economically, in the grand scheme, those things aren’t important, despite all the attention the left devotes to those subjects. The whole web 2.0/Silicon Valley technology space is pretty much impervious to everything. As the homebuilding and energy markets are mired in a perpetual funk, STEM is not only booming, but taking over the world. Now more than ever, Silicon Valley is the center of the universe, followed by the financial capital of the world, Manhattan. And it’s got much further to go – stocks will keep going up and web 2.0 valuations will keep rising – and as hard as the left tries to dig in their feet, technological innovation is unstoppable, culminating in transhumanism, the singularity, a unified theory of everything, and the transition to a type 1 civilization. The future of America and the world isn’t of war and despair, but unending prosperity – if only for a few.