The Daily View: IQ and Political Affiliation, Small Business, Obama, Healthcare, Women in STEM

Are conservatives smarter than liberals?

If low IQs are linked to poverty and, as shown below, poorer people vote liberal, one can surmise that liberalism is more highly represented among those with low IQs than conservatism. Look at Communism, a collection far-left ideologies specifically designed to appeal to poor, uneducated people.

Decline in small business formation not a big deal

According to the left, one reason why the economy is weak is becase the rate of new business formation is falling.

In a landmark 2014 paper, economists Ryan Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin and Javier Miranda showed that there has been a serious decline in business dynamism in the U.S. Simply put, fewer and fewer Americans are starting new businesses.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 60-90% of small business fail within the first five years, and the 2008 financial problem was exacerbated by small business failures and easy credit (CIT bankruptcy). Many people are wising up to the fact they can make more money with much less effort with stocks, web 2.0, and real estate than taking a gamble on an endeavor that has such a high failure rate.

That’s the way you get rich in the post-2008 economy…though apps, social networking…stuff like that. Or invest in already-successful, viral start-ups like Uber, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. Why anyone would go the brick and mortar route is beyond me. I would rather invest $100k in successful web 2.0 companies (like the ones I listed) and double my money in 6 months than start a crappy regular business which has a 50% chance within five years of totally failing and taking all my money with it. Like the Dire Straits song Money for Nothing, except it’s apps and web 2.0 instead of music.

Obama recovery? Not so fast.

Obama presiding over the recovery doesn’t mean he engendered it. Thank the fed and the consumer for that. Thank STEM and web 2.0. Thank high-IQ people. Thank free market capitalism. Thank the consumer for spending. Thank bondholders for having faith in America, even though the left wants America to fail. Thank profits & earnings.

Obama (or as some call big ears, purple lips, empty suit, etc) is an effete, uxorious wealth spreader. All he can do is take the wealth from people like me and give it to those who did nothing to earn it. I hate to say it but Hillary, yes Hillary, was right about Obama in 2008…about his inexperience, his subservience, being a pushover, being soft on terror, his connections to radical anti-Americans, his tendency to irk our allies and inability to connect with working, hard-working white Americans. He tried to take credit for the killing of Bin Laten, despite the fact the Bush administration did all the work. The biggest losers after Obama leaves office will whichever company is supplying Obama with his golf equipment and Bed Bath and Beyond (for supplying Michelle’s wardrobe). The biggest winners will be America and the rest of the world (except, perhaps, our enemies).

The GOP should return to the pro-growth policies that worked for Reagan and Bush: lower taxes, less regulation, strong defense, no class warfare, and to quit whining about the debt (no more debt ceiling standoffs). Repeal and replace Obamacare with something that requires insurance (or some ability to pay) or you get no healthcare, which would require abridging or voiding the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 55% of U.S. emergency care now goes uncompensated.[12] When medical bills go unpaid, health care providers must either shift the costs onto those who can pay or go uncompensated. In the first decade of EMTALA, such cost-shifting amounted to a hidden tax levied by providers.[13] For example, it has been estimated that this cost shifting amounted to $455 per individual or $1,186 per family in California each year.[13]

However, because of the recent influence of managed care and other cost control initiatives by insurance companies, hospitals are less able to shift costs, and end up writing off more in uncompensated care. The amount of uncompensated care delivered by nonfederal community hospitals grew from $6.1 billion in 1983 to $40.7 billion in 2004, according to a 2004 report from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured,[12] but it is unclear what percentage of this was emergency care and therefore attributable to EMTALA.

Healthcare isn’t free, and many people who can afford insurance choose not to get it, expecting the tax payer to front the bill. Maybe we need some sort of eugenics program as a long-term solution to reduce healthcare spending or as they say,’An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ We’re spending too much money on costly ‘cures’ and not effort addressing the root of the problem. Wishful thinking, forcing cancellations on existing policy holders, and soaking the rich won’t fix our spiraling healthcare spending problem.

Women and STEM: an exercise in futility

Some say we can narrow the gender wage gap by encouraging more women to pursue STEM, but the problem is – as Larry Summers famously alluded to in a speech in 2005, generating much outrage from the left – the majority of women are simply not cognitively capable of succeeding in STEM, or any high-IQ profession.

Men dominate the far-right of the IQ bell curve.

For not only is the average man more intelligent than the average woman but also a clear and rather startling imbalance emerges between the sexes at the high levels of intelligence that the most demanding jobs require.

For instance, at the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one. That’s statistics, not sexism.

In almost 110 years of Nobel Prize history, only two women have ever won the Prize for physics, only four have won the Prize for chemistry and why no women at all have ever won the coveted Fields Medal for mathematics in eight decades of trying.