What I Want

Until the stock market start going up there will be fewer posts. I can’t write about biological determinism, smartism, IQ and stuff like that if the market is not going up.

What I want:

1. A big spike in unemployment

This will:

a. Prolong zero percent interest rates, boosting both stocks and bonds

b. Lower Obama’s approval rating, helping the GOP win the presidency. Stocks will surge on news of Jeb or Romney beating out the Democratic front-runner in a hypothetical election.

2. Elizabeth Warren to run and become the front-runner. If she becomes the front-runner over Hillary, the market will rally huge on this news because she has no chance of winning in the general election. Class warfare never works. Voters want policy that creates wealth, not redistributes it from the most successful and productive of individuals to the least.

This will:

a. Hand the GOP the election

b. Cause the stock market to surge in anticipation of pro-growth economic policy under a GOP super-majority and control of all three branches. A GOP super-majority means NO more debt ceiling standoffs, no more whining about the debt or the fed.

3. Major foreign policy blunder and or upheaval. Republicans benefit from geopolitical tensions, but are hurt by economic problems. As evidenced by Carter and the Iranian hostage situation, libs fare poorly when there is foreign strife. A catastrophe of some sort in 2016 would help make Obama look more incompetent than he already is (assuming that is even possible).

This will:

a. Dramatically lower Obama’s approval ratings and give a tailwind to the GOP 2016 candidate against his opponent

b. Boost defense stocks, commodities, and the market in anticipation of military intervention and a GOP victory

4. Pain at the pump to get worse

It’s funny reading stories of libs blaming speculators or libs whining about how pain at the pump will hurt the economy. Where are the libs blaming speculators when oil lost 50% in 6 months? Hmmmmm? Speculation works both ways.

This will:

a. Give me an opportunity to write an article about pain at the pump

5. An article about IQ being important

This will:

a. Affirm my belief that IQ is important