Common Core Fallacy

The Man Behind Common Core Math

The way you improve test scores and increase America’s economic competitiveness is to understand that higher IQ students will learn faster and more efficiently than lower IQ ones, and then by grouping the students accordingly. Instead of wasting billions trying to get everyone up to speed, let’s devote more resources to those who demonstrate talent, while those who cannot keep up are encouraged to pursue vocational work. Hence, we see that that the problems facing our educational system cannot be lessened by throwing money at it with reckless abandon, but by better understanding human biological differences and how these not only effect learning, but economic outcomes. I don’t want to make this a partisan issue, but what we observe is a leftist denial of human cognitive differences and a denial of the significance of these differences as the culprit. Better teachers, new technologies, and new curriculum can only go so far; for progress to really be made we need to stop being in denial of human biology as it pertains to IQ and learn to face these sometimes uncomfortable but inescapable realities head-on.