2014 – An Awful Year For The SJWs

2014 has been a terrible year for the social justice warriors, and it just keeps getting worse.

Let’s take a look at recent SJW defeats:

UVA Rape Scandal (Rolling Stone story quickly debunked, SJW coalition takes irreparable credibility hit.)

Gamergate (Overall internet consensus favors the gamers)

Shirtgate (Like gamergate, internet commentators overwhelmingly sided with science and IQ, as embodied by Matt Taylor, over political correctness)

Lena Dunham (confesses to being a sexual predator, thereby revealing the hypocrisy of the left for everyone to see)

Recent socioeconomic developments that go against the egalitarian ideology of the SJWs:

Rise of The Red Pill, MGTOW, Internet Libertarianism, Beta Male Conservatism, Minarchism, Neoconservatism, Pragmatic Neoliberalism, Dark Enlightenment, Conservative Minimalism, Grey Enlightenment (I explain the differences between the Dark Enlightenment) and other right-of-center movements

Rise of Nerd Culture

HBD becoming mainstream

Smartest Generation defecting from the left. Part 2, Part 3

American economic exceptionalism

Biological Determinism bull market keeps raging on

Smartist Era can’t be stopped. Part 2

Everything is Awesome

America’s Intellectual Renaissance

An finally, if you’re still not convinced the SJW are dead and buried in the court of public opinion, look no further than this recent Reddit thread where everyone, save for a few heavily down-voted SJW-types, defend men against false rape accusations: TIL A 15 year old boy was locked up for a year on false rape charges, and the girl received no punishment when she admitted lying a year later.

And here’s an up-voted comment from a self-identified feminist, arguing that false rape accusations hurt the real victims of rape:

Am feminist. Am outraged. This doesn’t reflect well on women or men. Two women profited on lies. Somewhere a rape victim won’t be believed because of their actions. The less than 1% who lie have are notorious enough that people won’t believe the real victims. How does that further women’s rights as a whole?