The Left is Losing the Culture Wars

Like gravitons leaking from the brane into the bulk, the liberal media is ensconced in an insular ideological bubble adrift from the plane of reality. To understand how the majority of Americans really feel about the issues, go to Reddit and 4chan and you’ll see perspectives that the liberal media refuses to entertain, and that’s why – after a string of victories spanning three generations – the left is starting to lose the culture wars because, thanks to the internet, millions of people are waking up to the lies of the liberal media. But not only are people becoming more aware, but changing economic conditions are threatening the left’s vision of egalitariasim, and the left’s explanations (rich people are greedy, wealth inequality) and solutions (regulation, higher taxes and useless social programs) are not only wrong, but economically detrimental. In a new era of hyper-capitalism and the most competitive economic environment ever, the post-2008 aura of cynicism, skepticism and empiricism has rendered the comforting platitudes – from both the right and left – of neatly-wrapped-with-a-bow-tie politically correct, non-biological explanations for social problems nearly obsolete.

For example, following the Ferguson incident, many posters on sites like Reddit and4chan were giving Wilson the benefit the doubt while the leftist media had already written him off as guilty, and sure enough, video footage is released showing Brown the aggressor and not the ‘innocent’ youth that media had tried to portray him as. Many commenters on these sites, most of whom are well-educated and don’t meet the profile of the ‘racist republican redneck’, agree that Michael Brown deserved his fate for instigating the situation, endangering the lives of the store clerk and Darren Wilson, and for having no redeeming values as an individual. They believe that the protestors’ crusade against Wilson and the police is without merit, similar to how creationism doesn’t agree with the empirical evidence supporting evolution. Hence, they disagree with the left not on partisan grounds, but because the cold-hard facts don’t agree with the liberal narrative, and like creationism, the onus falls on the smartistsphere to debunk it, and rightly so.

An article last year by Slate columnist Emily Yoffe defending men against unsubstantiated accusations of campus rape, while initially panned, has now garnered critical acclaim for her prescience in that women often bring it on themselves though poor decision making. Slate, to their credit, is publishing her follow-up article amid the plurality of political correctness found on most liberal websites. Same for Slate’s occasional other stories debunking Gladwell’s ‘IQ is not important’ and other liberal sacred cows. Millions of smart, young people on Reddit an 4chan, including many women, agree that feminism has not only achieved it’s goal of gender inclusiveness, but modern feminism is potentially sabotaging earlier progress by using gender as just another form of affirmative action, as well as by undermining America’s meritocracy. These smart people understand that the occasional feminist being offended is a small price to pay for the economic and technological dividends yielded by great, talented minds who are better at creating wealth and innovation than playing by the inscrutable, arbitrary rules of modern feminism. This trend of young Obama voters at least questioning an raising criticism the ideological foundation of welfare liberalism should give me and others on the right hope for the future.

Whether it’s campus rape, shirtgate, gamergate, or a story about Rick Perry not paying the National Guard, the the lies spun by the liberal media are quickly debunked online, and as shown by the examples, these are not right-wing sites doing the debunking.. Because of these fabrications and deliberate omissions of facts, the left is losing credibility, and ultimately the hearts and minds of their invaluable demographic – young people. With the rise of the alt-right, internet libertarianism, the manosphere and the redpill movement, along with HBD/biological determinism gaining mainstream acceptance, you see evidence of educated young people abandoning the left. Of course, the SJW still has a large presence, but after a string of losses in the court of public opinion, such as shirtgate and gamergate, the tide is turning.