The Left Jubilant as Ferguson Burns

With the exception of the predictable Ferguson verdict and the subsequent rioting, we’re still in the slowest news cycle in years. Even though I’m Republican/libertarian, it’s nice to see America not have to reel from one crisis to the next. Unlike the aforementioned article, I thank the Bush administration for the post-2008 period of peace and prosperity, not Obama. Obama is just taking credit for the work Bush and the fed did in saving the financial system, and all politicians to some extend take undue credit, but let’s not pretend that this is an Obama recovery, because it isn’t.

The left seeks crisis so that stocks fall and the rich lose money, but it just won’t happen. They wanted a debt ceiling default to prove that America is not exceptional. They, the left, wanted Ebola to get worse to feed their appetite for destruction and crisis, only to be disappointed when it suddenly ended, the CDC predictions of ‘millions dead’ up in smoke, predictably so. They wanted stocks to keep falling , but the S&P 500 is up 15% since the October lows. They want Ferguson to burn, while ironically tweeting #peaceforFerguson. Same for the 2010 BP oil spill. They wanted it to get worse to indict ‘big oil’ and were disappointed when flowing stopped and the oil on the surface was quickly subsumed. It’s like they want mayhem, provided the victims are the successful such as store owners and rich people. On the smartistsphere on sites like Reddit and 4chan, smart people see though the lies of the liberal media, agreeing that Michael Brown, having no redeeming qualities as an individual, deserved to die for being a menace to society.