The Daily View: Biological Determinism Bull Market, GOP, Basic Income, Shirtstorm

The biological determinism bull market can’t be stopped as stocks keep making new highs with no end in sight. Same for those Bay Area real estate prices and web 2.0 valuations – those keep going up with no end in sight, too. Don’t get your hopes up, libs, that this is all a bubble that will end in a fiery crash, because it’s not. In the past five years more wealth was created than in any prior five year interval in the history of civilization, and this will continue, culminating in the transition to a type 1 civilization, the construction of a Matrix, the singularity, and transhumanism. The stock charts will rise to to infinity, lavishing obscene wealth upon a the select, smart few that can only be expressed in scientific notation or in an interminable string of zeros. In 2008 the Rubicon was crossed, and there is no turning back. Nothing short of divine intervention an make the stock market go lower – for God to extend his arm and push it lower. The demarcation between the lackadaisical pre-2008 economy and the post-2008 economy when the economic switch was flipped to overdrive is indelible. In the future there will be more wealth inequality, more meritocracy, an even greater premium on IQ, stocks going up all the time – more of the same. America’s post-2008 intellectual Renaissance cannot be stopped, and the left will dragged kicking and screaming into this new era of unending wealth creation, technological innovation, and prosperity (if only for some). The future is near and it’s going to be awesome.

Uber will be worth $100 billion on IPO. Snapchat $40 billion. Google will be worth a trillion dollars and Amazon, still refusing to turn much of a profit, will revolutionize commerce and digital infrastructure more than it already has. Tesla stock going to $600 share. Facebook $140. These companies, along with biotech, will be the leaders of the type-1 transition.

Stocks will keep rising as it becomes apparent the GOP will not only have a super-majority, but the presidency too. The pro-growth policies of 2002-2008 will make a huge comeback as part of a massive neocon resurgence. That means the Obama tax hike will be rescinded. There will be more defense spending and with Obama gone, the GOP will stop talking tough on immigration, seeing as an endless supply of cheap labor and consumers is more important than politics. All of this is bullish for stocks and real estate. Healthcare and biotech will benefit because Obamacare will not be repealed and everyone regardless of ability to pay gets access to super-expensive drugs. Biological determinism will be more important than ever, and the neocon insurgents will begin to tacitly acknowledge its merits. Maybe some people fail to get ahead because they aren’t smart enough; let’s stop wasting tax payer money on those cognitively preordained to failure and start allocating more resources on those who actually contribute to society such as as Wall St. and STEM.

On a related note, a common criticism of the basic income is that it’s an economic drain by giving people an incentive to be unproductive. A possible, but very politically incorrect way to circumvent this is to make the basic income only applicable to individuals with a STEM degree (but could be extended to anyone with a degree deemed sufficiently intellectual) and or demonstrably high IQ. This income would be much more generous than welfare, with the only necessary precondition being intelligence. Technically it’s no longer a ‘universal’ basic income, but a basic income without some preconditions is doomed to fail. You look at today’s most successful, fastest-growing companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Uber and it’s evident they are were all founded by smart people. A basic income for hihg-IQ individuals would help the economy because these are the people with the skills and talent to create business, make discoveries and, in general, advance civilization. If the next Mark Zukerberg or Elon Musk is too busy trying to pay the bills than creating, that is a great mind potentially wasted.

The post-2008 hyper-competitive economic environment has magnified the socioeconomic disparities stemming from the cognitive differences between individuals, versus 50 or so years ago when the differences between life outcomes of a person with a 130 IQ versus 100 IQ wasn’t as great. The cognitively unfit are falling between the cracks, and not much can or should be done to help them. Is the tradeoff of more egalitarianism for less innovation a worthwhile one? I think not.

It’s not just smart, rich individuals who are accelerating ahead of everyone else. The bigger is better, ‘winner take all’ theme also applies to countries. America is running circles around the rest of the word, especially since 2008. Japan, Russia, most of Europe, and Australia are either in a recession or teetering on one. Other countries such as Brazil have more growth, but lots of inflation. The left says Europe is doing badly because of austerity, but then how would they explain Japan which has more stimulus relative to GDP than America and is in recession? We have the best performing stock market a strong currency, and the most innovative companies. America’s economic hegemony has only been strengthen since 2008 – the opposite of what many predicted, which was that the banking problem would usher a ‘post-America’ era. Why is America so exceptional? Free markets, effective policy during crisis, good demographics, ownership society, high premium on IQ, tough on crime, meritocracy, and so on.

Regarding gamergate and now ‘shirtstorm, the left is waging war on nerds because they, the social justice warriors, want society to regress to purely egalitarian state and because, from stocks to real estate and web 2.0, nerds are the ones making all the money in the post-2008 hyper-competitive, high-IQ economic boom, and the left resents this. The good news is like gamergate, ‘shirtstorm’ is another culture war that the left is losing, or at least losing in the court of public opinion. Sites that cater to a high-IQ, empirically minded audience, like Reddit and 4chan, overwhelmingly support Matt Taylor, as do most scientists and other smart people.

Why is the left losing? Because reality doesn’t agree with their point of view, and because the economy and the meritocracy is slapping them across the face – their wanting of crisis and redistribution going unheeded as the stock market plows higher week after week and the rich get richer. The high water mark of welfare liberalism was the election of Obama and the 2008 financial problem (that the left helped instigate), and now it’s all over. They wealth spreaders lost, both economically and culturally. From the job market, to the Ivy League, to Wall St., Reddit and web 2.0 – the high-IQ meritocracy has taken over, with achievement and talent being more important than ever. Online reputation status (Reddit karma, Instagram & Twitter followers) and knowledge is the currency of the post-2008 economy. To among the cognitive elite means you’re an important person. The collective hope and optimism following the election of Obama and the brief decline financial elite proved to be temporary respite for the left, as the elite have not only regained their power, but solidified it further. And the optimism has ceded to an aura of a pervasive results-oriented, empirically-minded cynicism and skepticism, especially in the smartistsphere and among the digerati, as well as in real life where even small missteps can have long-standing consequences. But this expected because the left is losing, and more and more people are questioning the veracity of the fanciful delusions of welfare liberalism. The ideal of altruism and egalitarianism of welfare liberalism doesn’t hold water in the real world. STEM and IQ rules the world. Web 2.0 and Bay Area real estate valuations keep going up. Interest rates never going up again. All of this is evidence the left is losing. One nation under Silicon Valley and a perpetually rising stock market, divisible into the super-wealthy and everyone else, with apps and cloud storage for all. It’s wishful thinking by the blank slate left to blame money, just in the same way they blame rich people for keeping the lower/middle class down. It’s always some environmental factor, never biology for the failure for so many to succeed. And for those who do succeed, it’s because of luck or some other unfair environmental advantage.