Doom and Gloom on the Blogs

So much doom and gloom on the blogs lately, but I can understand why as the super-competitive, winner-take-all, post-2008 economy has created a lot of losers and only a handful of winners. You even see this pervasive leftist pessimism on discussions about physics. The left says that because string theory cannot be tested, it is therefore invalid. They, the left, also hold capitalism to the same impossibly high standards. Because because some mistakes were made in the events leading up to 2008, all bankers are evil and capitalism should be abolished, or something along those lines. They see success like string theory, the stock market and Facebook and wish to bring it down. That’s why through this blog I’m trying to merge optimism with HBD.

As stocks post week after week of record highs, the post-2008 biological determinism bull market rages on. Individuals who are cognitively unfit to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive economy are falling between the cracks, where they belong.

The future will be much like today, but to the extreme. So whatever trends exist now will be magnified.Extreme wealth inequality, extremely high stock market and web 2.0 valuations, extremely high bay area home pries, etc. Physics 101: an object in motion will stay in motion unless some outside force acts on it. There is not the slightest hint of evidence of forces that will slowdown these existing trends. America is still the richest and most prosperous nation in the world, even if few can participate in it. In America’s hyper-meritocracy where the cognitive elite are getting richer and smarter than ever, the dow is going to 19,000 soon.

One of the things about finance is that people in this field are not idealistic; they are not fooled by hazy claims or leftist ideas. A lot of the time, finance people are grounded, if sometimes too cynical. America’s institutions of technology, higher learning, and finance are bastions of empiricism and smartistm, unhindered by political correctness and egalitarianism.

In a recent video, Aaron says that as president he would have all the bankers responsible for the 2008 financial problem ‘executed’. But if Aaron actually sat down with one of these bankers and had a chat, he would find a lot of common ground. They could probably both agree that liberals are trying to destroy the meritocracy, not to have sympathy for those who wasted money and time on a worthless liberal arts degree, that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity, that STEM and high-IQ is important, that most people are idiots, and as a form of eugenics, that birth control should be mandatory for welfare reipients.