Wealth Spreaders Lose Again As Stocks Keep Going Up, GOP Victories

As the slowest news cycle in history continues, stocks keep raging higher. You can’t stop spendism, can’t stop technological innovation, can’t stop those web 2.0 valuations from going higher, can’t stop exports, can’t stop blowout profits & earnings, can’t stop IQ from being important, can’t stop smartism. Everything is awesome and no one outside of the smartistsphere is happy. The lib’s shrill crisis for crisis ignored as stocks keep going up.

Stocks are giving their nod of approval to the midterm results, with the major indexes posting yet another week of gains as the wealth spreaders on the left lose again. The market has been surging in recent weeks in anticipation of the GOP picking up more seats in the house and controlling the senate, in which the GOP succeeded. We anticipate dow 20,000 soon in anticipation of the Republicans winning the presidency, along with with strong economic fundamentals – thanks on less due to Paulson, Bernanke, and Bush. Obama deserves no credit for the post-2008 wealth creation boom, voters and economists know this as evidenced by Obama’s perpetually falling approval rating. The market could easily post 20-30% gains next year if it becomes more evident the libs have no chance in 2016. GOP control will usher a return of pro-growth neocon economic policy much like Bush’s terms. All that feet-dragging about debt will go out the window, as it should.

The midterm results were a victory for free markets, the meritocracy, IQ, web 2.0 smart people, and success. It was sobering defeat for welfare libs. These are the libs who seek crisis to foment redistributionist policy, deny biological determinism, and believe the pseudo intellectual, egalitarian nonsense espoused by the likes of Malcom Gladwell and Dan Ariely.

The GOP is the party of prosperity, homeland security, merit and wealth creation. Wall St. knows this and that’s why they, along with Silicon Valley’s tech elite, are backing the Republicans. The backlash against PC egalitarianism is building, not just online on sites like Reddit and 4chan, but even in the mainstream media.