Libs Attack Success, Celebrate Failure

They are both correct:

Goldman is right:

Six years after the overblown banking problem, the US economy is stronger than ever. Dow 20,000 soon.

I don’t know much about Ross Douthat, but from what I have gleaned through his writings, if he saw this blog he would agree with most of what is written, as would any reasonably intelligent person. Ross and people like him are the future of the neoconservative movement, fusing hints of biological determinism with edginess, superciliousness and supply side economics.

STEM is more revered and important than ever, says experts. Libs are attacking gamers, STEM, web 2.0, Bay Area real estate, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, the stock market, Ivy League, and free markets because those have been the biggest success stories of the post-2008 economy; and libs therefore, rather than celebrate success, seek failure. We’re becoming a nation of whiners, deriving joy from failure (schadenfreude) instead of from success. When you have a story about a web 2.0 start-up being worth billions, all the libs come out in the comments calling it a bubble and so on. These are the same libs who said Facebook was a bubble in 2007. Because they are so blinded by negativity, libs have a horrible track records at predicting stuff and often become irate when things don’t go their way, taking out their anger on the rich and other targets.