The Daily View : A Nation or Crybabies and Why Airlines are a Good Investment

With the exception of the midterms riffraff, we’re still in a slow news zone, especially that Ebola is fading (so much for those bogus CDC predictions of ‘millions dead’ or the ‘we are doomed’ rhetoric from talk radio and liberal media). With the S&P 500 up 70 points in 3 days, stocks are back in ‘always go up mode’, and I am profiting greatly from this. Dow 18,000 soon. Same for those web 2.0 valuations and Bay Area real estate. Don’t think they are going lower, because they aren’t. As IQ becomes more important than ever, everything will keep going up with no end in sight. Biological determinism means that the cognitively fittest for prosperity/survival in this unending economic boom will reap the bulk of the benefits while everyone else falls between the cracks. Libs want the world to be doomed so that the rich, including the cognitive elite, lose money.

There are several caveats. Computers are cheaper and have more advanced hardware than a generation ago, but because software has also become extremely bloated, new computers don’t feel much faster. Once everyone has fast computers, developers make software optimized for fast computers. Then you have all the extraneous costs to go with the computer such as internet and software, both of which have gone up much faster than inflation and in many instances costs more than the computer itself.

From Murray and National Review: Why Has the College Board Gotten So PC?

The first is the annual hand-wringing over stagnant scores — a woe-is-us effort spearheaded by the College Board itself, which publishes and sells the SAT. According to the Board’s press release, only 42.6 percent of SAT-takers meet its definition of college and career readiness, and this presents a “readiness challenge” that has persisted for years.

It is any coincidence that 43% is also roughly the percentage of people who score less than 100 on an IQ test? It’s not about ‘college readiness’; it’s that 50-75% of high school students are simply not smart enough to benefit from college – a reality the left is unable to accept because it conflicts with their ‘nurture centric’ worldview. Generations ago, the majority of people didn’t go to college, and this was considered acceptable. Now everyone has to go, so don’t be surprised when many drop out, leaving with no extra lifetime income gains for their efforts and indebtedness.

It seems like this liberal is unclear of the concept of a meritocracy and a free market: High-Tech Chutzpah
Silicon Valley seeks to suppress wages.

This article is more evidence we’re becoming a nation of crybabies. Low wages are better for the economy than having people be overpaid to perform work that can be in-soured, automated, or outsourced. In meritocracy, people are paid for the economic value they create, and no more. Furthermore, restricting labor options is the antithesis of free market capitalism and makes American technology companies less competitive. It’s ironic how the libs want to put people to work, but oppose high tech immigration to the very people who do want to work. The left greedily wants all the jobs to themselves, provided they pay lots of money, have huge benefits, and employers are unable to turn a profit.

Programming is more important than ever. Code is the building block of modern civilization.

Airlines have become a great investment opportunity. It’s like everyone say airlines are a bad business, but AMR, Delta and United are killing it big time by constantly raising prices. Thanks to pricing leverage and globalization, airlines, along with Google and Facebook, have become the best business of all. When all these ‘experts’, including Warren Buffet, say Airlines are bad business, that’s when you got to buy airlines. Nothing is ever that obvious. People, especially businessmen, have to fly, because they have no choice. They ain’t going to boat across the ocean or take a train. In the post 2008 hyper-capitalist era, Airlines have become the perfect business, and it’s only going to get better. The volatility, terrorism and oil shocks of the past 40 years are over for good. David Tepper, one of the most widely followed fund managers, has been bullish on airlines for awhile and has made huge returns.