The Media and Global Warming

If you look at the media, ok, uh, Russia invading Ukraine, job loss, a police officer was killed. The things that happened yesterday, 99% of them will be forgotten next week. The news cycle always changes. The reports will all gather around and the editor will ask, ‘What do you have?’ Someone will say, ‘I cured cancer.’ The editor will say, ‘Not good enough.’ Someone else will say, ‘I saw a baby get run over.’ The editor will say, ‘Still not good enough!’ Finally, someone will say, ‘The UN projects Ebola will kill 100 million people!’ Bam! That will scare people. Will it kill any US people? Maybe? What if those people from wherever come over to the US on an airplane? Then it will spread . It is really contagious. If one of these people spit on you, you’re going to get Ebola and die in four days because there is no cure. ‘Ok,’ says the editor. ‘Run with that. Don’t forget to include spit and that there is no cure.’

That is how every single story is massaged into the news headlines. You read the story and it says please continue on page 24, and lo and behold there is a huge ad. The goal is to get people to see ads. That’s why it seems to many people the world is falling apart. According to Matt Ridley and Steven Pinker, thanks to technologies, globalization, less war and improved lifespans, we’re living living in the best of times. We have driverless cars, Tesla, Facebook, Uber, web 2.0, Bay Area real estate, Snapchat, Tinder, Dropbox and other great technological marvels, thanks to the meritocracy and free markets. If the media reported on the good news, they wouldn’t be able to scare people to turn the page and look at that full-page ad. Blame the left for wanting the pull the roof down on civilization because there is too much wealth inequality or because companies are hiring based on IQ instead of big 5 personality traits and other pseudoscience crap. Like an immature child, if the left can’t have things their way, they would prefer that everyone suffer.

I don’t give a flying crap about ads or anyone who advertises in the newspaper. I have no ads on this website. I’m not trying to scare people.

What about climate change, asks the left. Well, what about climate change? Every year it seems like there is a new theory…well it wasn’t this old theory, now it’s methane gas. It wasn’t ‘this’ theory, it was this other theory. Oh, so OK, the climate is changing. Perhaps some of it is man made; perhaps all of it is man made. I dunno…it’s unlikely all of it is man made because every year since the dawn of time the earth’s climate has changed. The earth does different things. The climate changes. There was a mini ice age in the 1800’s. Climate change is very cyclical, with periods of warming and cooling:

And for the past 500 years:

The science on anthropogenic global warming is still unsettled. We don’t really know. Let’s assume the worst case scenario ,and the temperature is going to rise 1 degree a century, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Ok, in the 1970′, as the world population shot past 2.5 billion, everyone thought the world would run out of food. With 7 billion people, we’re not running out of food, and the biggest problem for many nations is obesity. So the world tends to adapt, innovate and change. The great thing about high IQ is that allows humans to adapt to changes and figure out technologies to help us, but it’s possible that there will be changes that occur so fast that we won’t be able to adapt. So I tend not to follow the herd of the latest worry. Let’s see what the real worries are. And this all can be scientifically modeled. The jury is still out on the depths of whatever the damage has been done. Every decade there has been damage, but there also have been good things. Pollution is much better now in America than any time in the past 150 years. If you want to change the world, change yourself. The world is not falling apart. The economy is not going to have a disaster. If you listen to the liberal media, it may seem like the world may seem like it’s falling apart, but the empirical evidence suggests otherwise.