The Beta Male Conservative

Beta Males may be more conservative than previously thought as evidenced on sites like Reddit and 4chan that champion beta males who are pro-gun, pro-science, pro-gamergate and pro-free markets, while shunning liberals who want social justice and equality. Although alpha males can be conservative, a surprisingly large number of them are liberal. Look at Obama…through his mannerisms and athleticism, he exudes the confidence and swagger of the alpha male but is very liberal. The 1960 presidential election is another example of a liberal alpha male Kennedy versus the cerebral and conservative Nixon. Or Bill Clinton, the epitome of the alpha male with ‘game’. On the Jung personality chart, the more extroverted personality types seem to be more compatible with community and agreeability – two liberal traits – versus logic, introspection and individualism, which are Beta Male Conservative traits.

When encountering problems, the Beta Male tends to defer to logic, reason and science – which limits his receptiveness to liberalism. Science and welfare liberalism are incompatible, because the later is based on individual desires and wants, whereas utilitarianism seeks to maximize resources and in an impartial and apolitical manner to maximize utility, hence it’s logical. With inflation adjusted entitlement spending at record highs, do we want to waste finite resources on the least useful members of society? That’s a question many utilitarians can emphatically answer ‘no’, because it’s more efficacious to allocate resources to high-IQ individuals, who create more economic value, than low and average IQ people. That’s the beauty of supply-side economics in that it isn’t about forcing equal outcomes or wasting resources on the low-IQ underclass; instead, it’s about creating economic environments where the best and the brightest can live to their fullest potential, which is good for the economy, innovation, and America’s competitiveness. The beta male conservative knows that IQ is important, and that no amount of social programs can turn individuals and groups predestined to mediocrity into high-achievers.

Like Obama giving a fired-up speech, the alpha male wants action – to please people now, even if this requires making promises he cannot keep. This is why Beta Male sites like Reddit tend to hold politicians and democracy in low regard, and rightfully so. The Beta Male Conservative knows that sometimes the most effective policy (TARP, tax cuts for the rich, free trade) isn’t the policy that the majority wants. The majority can be wrong, and this is not surprising because the majority is often ill-informed, necessitating a technocracy run by a well-informed, moneyed elite.

On sites like Reddit, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, and 4chan; in finance and on Wall St.; at MIT, Caltech and the Ivy League; mathematicians, physicists, programmers, engineers and computer scientists, some of whom are creating tomorrow’s multi-billion dollar web 2.0 start-ups – all of these people (the Beta Males) are not only creating economic value, but are on the vanguard of America’s intellectual Renaissance are are among the most important people in the world.

Although Conservative Alpha Males do exist, our particular ideology (and Conservatism, utilitarianism, neo liberalism and libertarianism, in general) lends itself to a more more ‘beta’ way of viewing the world.