Liberal Assault on Apple & Steve Jobs

The left, in their war on success, is trying to sully the legacy of one of America’s most beloved capitalists and visionaries

The problem is proving damages. you have to figure out: what % of the total number of employees could have been targets of poaching and suffered potential monetary

losses from the no-poaching agreement. Hint: it’s not the janitor, the chef, the secretaries,

Then you have to figure out how much wages/compensation was theoretically lost over contravening period. With the exception of superstar employees, it’s probably not

that much. The plaintiffs have to prove they would have received the job that they were never called about. That by itself is hard to do. Then they have to prove that they would have made X amount of more money. Once again, it was over a job that they were never called about.

The prosecution didn’t have a suffiently strong case to justify the amount they are seeking and judge Lucy Koh demonstrated incompetence by rejecting the settlement agreement.

The media, lacking in impartiality and integrity, is defaulting to the weak prosecution and trying to to make up our minds for us.