The big to-do on the blogs is immigration again. As a free market capitalists and pragmatists, the Grey Enlightenment supports more high tech immigration because it will help the economy, in addition to supporting immigration reform and securing the borders. It’s doesn’t have to be a choice between only open borders or no immigration at all; there is a middle ground on this issue. The problem is the protectionist left wants more overpaid jobs, provided only they can have them. In a free market, anyone who is qualified should get the job at a wage set by the market.

We don’t need more jobs, we need jobs that provide better economic value.

As an IQ realist and a supporter of the meritocracy, the opposition by other libertarian-types to high-tech immigration and foreign admissions to Ivy League institutions to be somewhat contradictory to the libertarian ideal of a meritocracy.

Many republicans and libertarians support free markets and oppose affirmative action, and rightfully so, but somehow this doesn’t apply to immigrants. They want affirmative action for Americans over foreigners that provide a better value and or are more qualified. It’s unfortunate some republicans are aligning with the left in wanting labor protectionism and opposing globalization.

In a free market and meritocracy, we shouldn’t limit our labor options. America is only 1/20 of the world’s population. By restricting labor, we hurt the competitiveness of our industries. By restricting smart immigration, our institutions of higher learning cannot get the best and brightest applicants, which are the concerns the republicans have in opposing affirmative action.

And finally, let’s not forget immigrants – especially smart Indians and Asians in the Bay Area – boost consumer spending and home prices, making the smart and rich ever richer. Not only do immigrants pay into social security, they also watch movies on Netflix, post on Facebook and take pictures with Snapchat, as well as other essential activities that help the economy grow and succeed.

So far no one has been able to post a solid refutation to my argument, or an argument that doesn’t contradict an existing belief held by the arguer.

Supporting more high tech immigration is a view that is most consistent with free market capitalism and the meritocracy. Liberals, on the the other hand, want preferential treatment.