Out of Wedlock Births: Not Exclusively a Black Problem

If you go on most conservative sites, the decay of the ‘family structure’ in America tends to be presented as a predominantly African American and Hispanic problem, and this is true, but it may come as a surprise to some that outside of America, in predominant white countries, out of wedlock birth and cohabitation has an incidence as high as Hispanics and twice as high as American whites. I was certainly surprised by this.

The rate of illegitimate pregnancy in Iceland is only 10 points lower than for African Americans. All these Nordic counties need to get it together. These are predominantly liberal countries with a history of barbarism. You don’t expect the descendents of Vikings like in those Capital One commercials or like Conan the Destroyer to be privy to whole tying the knot thing. What’s in your wallet? Hopefully enough to cover the child support.

Lion discusses the causes in more detail.