College Bashing…Just Another Outlet for Liberalism

A broken clock: MARK CUBAN: ‘The Student Loan Bubble Is Going To Burst’

In a clip on, Cuban talks about the student loan bubble, which he says will burst and end badly for colleges.

The end of the student loan bubble, Cuban says, will be like the housing bubble, where tuition collapses the way the price of homes collapsed.

A Google search for ‘student loan bubble’ yields thousands of failed predictions dating back nearly a decade. Maybe instead of being a bubble, tuition is surging because of demand. It’s not that this is good or bad, it’s just how the market works. There’s probably other reasons, too. There are solutions such as trade schools or substituting diplomas with IQ & SAT scores, but the left prefers to live in a delusional world where everyone is college material, and everyone should go. However, unlike the college bashers on the left-libertarian spectrum, we think college is a good deal for those intellectually capable of completing it, provided you don’t spend too much and you choose a high paying major. For one, college really isn’t as expensive as purported by the gloomers.

For example, here is a specimen of a comment by a typical college critic:

Damn right…not sure if colleges will be going out of business, but the cost of a four year degree at a major university is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! When consider the death of the American Dream and lack of upward mobility…to me, this as exhibit A.

Notice how he infuses liberal class warfare themes in his screed against higher education, like a typical commenter on the NYT. These are the same liberals that support OWS, oppose the fed, want the stock market to crash, and the economy to fail. College is just another institution like Wall St. that needs to be uprooted and lit ablaze, reminiscent of Maoists burning books to cleanse the minds of the proletariat. Whether it’s attacking technology, higher education, or Wall St. – liberals seek crisis and societal regression to create a world where everyone is equal, but worse off.