Ignore the Doom and Gloom Media

Stocks keep going up. People are getting richer than ever. Looks like Crimea was a dud, as predicted. Two months later and no escalation or deaths. I wonder what narrative the doom and gloom liberal media will cook up next to scare the public into selling their stocks too soon. There is absolutely no bubble in technology or real estate and the U.S. economy is still fundamentally sound. The left’s fallacy is inferring the health of the entire economy by choosing the weakest data and ignoring the data that demonstrates that the economy is not weak, also known as a confirmation bias.

The media wants to make you greedy and fearful. They want to scare you into selling your stocks and crawling for cover. You find freedom by getting rid of all the ties to the people that want to control and deceive you. How can you find your own personal freedom? By removing the clouds of deception. The media wants to control you. It’s getting worse because media as an industry is going out of business and replaced with social media. Newspaper and TV News all they want to do is panic you. Scare you so you tune into the latest bullshit. Their purpose for existing is to fill the space between commercials. How do they do this? The octobox. Eight people all dressed in their nice suit and wearing makeup. They are prodded to argue. They want to scare you. The Greece crisis three years ago was supposed to spread across the Atlantic an bring down the global economy. Everyday the news would instigate it. The market would fall because people got scared an the media hyped it up even more, creating a vicious circle. Cyprus? Can’t even find it on a map and this tiny country is wagging the dog. Whatever happens in Greece or Crimea will NOT affect the US economy. They are gonna scare you with Russia defaulting or the U.S. defaulting. Ignore them and keep buying the dips. The latest irrational fear is the fed will start tapering. They are going to stop buying bonds. They are going to stop buying toys. And suddenly the economy will fail, says the left. The left is wrong because of history. If you look back at every single time since World War 2 when the fed began to tighten, a year later the market was higher. Between 2003 and 2007 the fed raised rates from 1 percent to 6% and the market still surged 40%. in 1999 the fed started raising rates and the market went up for a another year. Ignore the panic. I can go back to 1966, 1971, 1994- every single case the market was up or flat. Always ignore the panic. This is critical to your success. This is the key to the door that opens to freedom . Not having the media dictate ours emotion because they want to sell another newspaper.