Low Paying Jobs Create Economic Value

Today’s good news:

Low-wage jobs drive the recovery, says new report

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The New Gilded Age: A bigger con job than the first one

We’re becoming over-coddled and spoiled. We grew up expecting a comfortable retirement, a good wage and stable employment. Millions of young people took out student loan debt, thinking their degree in criminal justice, communications, or gender studies would lead to a good job. The were in for a rude awakening when employers realized they had no use for those people and fired them all.

Low paying service sector jobs create more economic value than overpaid jobs in obsolete industries. Traditional employment is being replaced with temp work and freelancer jobs. Prior to the 2008 financial problem, wages were to high and productivity and profit margins were too low. Balance is finally being restored to the employer. To get ahead in this new era you have to provide exceptional value than just being average. We’re not going back to the old days of less productivity and too high of wages.

On the liberal websites such as the New York Times you see a lot of blame directed at immigrants for taking jobs away from Americans. Isn’t the left supposed to be party of labor and job creation? Or do they selfishly want all the overpaid jobs and entitlement programs to themselves? In a free market, if immigrants can do the work cheaper and with the same quality, then they should get the job. Liberals are hypocrites because they want jobs only if they pay a lot and only if they can have them. They denigrate low paying service sector jobs, jobs taken by immigrants, or jobs that are outsourced. They are the party of labor – if only the labor meets their stringent requirements. Otherwise, they attack job creators for all sort of things: low wages, disparate impact, workplace safety, discrimination and so on. Is it any wonder why the labor market seems so weak? If I were an employer would I hire an immigrant that is grateful to have a job or an indignant liberal that will sue for not getting enough vacation?