The Daily View 4/16/2014

The SF Housing Crisis

It’s only a housing crisis because the left says it is, just like we’re still supposed to be an economic crisis even though that ended five years ago. The left is drawn to crisis like moths to light. If no actual crisis exists, they’ll fabricate one. Rents keep going up due to huge demand and finite supply; it’s that simple.

Banks fiddled while Rome burned: how to predict the next global financial crisis

Anyone that rushes out to bet against America upon reading this article will be taken to the cleaners. There have only been two U.S. banking crisis in the past 100 years (1929, 2008). The odds are heavily stacked against another crisis. Major financial institutions have record high reserves, revenues, profits and much tighter lending standards. Stocks keep going up. Stocks are still inexpensive, with the S&P 500 PE ratio still just fifteen versus the high thirties at the turn of the millennium.

US retail sales rose 1.1% in March vs. 0.8% estimate

But isn’t the consumer supposed to be maxed out, says the left? How is this possible? Where is the double dip recession the left promised? lol Here is the chart that destroys the liberal thesis that rising inequality is bad for the economy:

In their war against the consumer, the left is trying to fan the flames of class warfare and spread lies about the economy being weak, to scare consumers into staying home and not spending.

The American Oligarchy

If America were more democratic and our politicians were more receptive to the interests of the people, the economy would be weaker and we wouldn’t have had such a strong post-2008 recovery, while more egalitarian countries like the EU have had slower recoveries and civil uprisings. As Carlin said, imagine your average person and think half are dumber than him. The wants of the majority isn’t always what’s best for the economy/country. The one percent contribute more to the economy in terms of consumer spending, job creation and innovation than everyone else, so perhaps it’s only fair that the are first in line in the economic recovery and that their interests are represented in Washington over everyone else.

Changing Your Password Won’t Fix The Heart Bleed Bug

The fact stocks keep going up means that the economic impact is insignificant, despite all the hype. Every week the left takes a problem and blows it up into a crisis. While millions of sites may be affected, only a tiny percent of them use the Open SSL for sensitive data. The majority of sites use SSL when it’s not needed.

Government suspends controversial program to recover money from adult children of dead taxpayers

If Biden says paying taxes is patriotic does that mean half the country isn’t patriotic?

Stocks keep going up

Five years later and we’re still in a bull market and an economic boom. The economy is still fundamentally sound as measured by important indicators such as consumer spending, retail sales, exports, private sector job creation, and S&P 500 profits and earnings. People are making more money than ever with little work. Never more in human history have the economic and social benefits of being smart been so great, or the consequences of not being smart been so grave and intractable. This will not end badly. America has problems, but we’re not in decline. We’re not Rome, Greece or the Weimar Republic, as much as the left wishes we were.

Gender Pay Gap Much Ado About Nothing

The gender pay gap just another made-up crisis by the left. If women were as valuable as men in the workplace it would be reflected in the pay. The free market as indicated by the pay gap shows otherwise. Women are less productive, take longer to train, take more time off, come to work later, leave earlier, etc. If women want to be treated equal to men make them pay child support, for starters.

Kathleen Sebelius to Resign as Health Secretary

Cant blame her for leaving. Obama’s cabinet has the highest attrition rate of any president in history. He pretty much uses these pawns as scapegoats for his failure. Nixon fired his cabinet, but the difference here is that Obama’s cabinet is choosing to leave, because it’s so awful working for him. Out of the 7.1 million signups, how many will actually get insurance?