Could Republicans Endorse Eugenics?

Zman writes:

You are not going to hear Rotary Club Republicans advocating euthanasia or forced sterilization of the unfit. Those are topics discussed by Progressive in the faculty lounge.

Not so sure about this. I’m sure it’s the other way around. Covertly, many republicans probably do acknowledge the potential good that can come out of eugenics, but cannot say so publicly because of political correctness; to do so would be career killer. Look how the left turned on Larry Summers for stating what many academics already suspected: that lack of aptitude on the ‘high end’ could account for the lack of females in the hard sciences. Who came to his defense? Some neo-liberals, but mostly republicans. A prominent republican that intimated support even the smallest iota of eugenics would find himself relegated to the fringe zone of unelectability. He would be tarred and feathered by the liberal media. Look what happened to Mitt Romney after he merely stated off the cuff that half the nation doesn’t pay taxes. George Orwell was right:

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Republicans have long championed welfare reform and being tough on crime; wouldn’t the next logical step be to try to prevent these future criminals and welfare recipients from even existing? Steven D. Levitt found no allies on the left after publishing his 2001 paper that offered evidence that legalized abortion had contributed to reduction of crime in the 90’s. Advocates of the existence biological differences in intelligence between individuals such as Richard Lynn, Arthur Jensen, Steven Pinker, Charles Murray, William Shockley, and James Watson have all been targets of the left. So even though Margaret Sanger pioneered the idea of eugenics, the left wants nothing to do with it anymore.

Why so much opposition from the left? Because it conflicts with their ‘blank slate’ view of human biology: that we’re all equal from conception and it’s the job of society to provide equal outcomes for everyone. If some people succeed more than others, if some become criminals, or some are smarter than others, it’s the fault of society for allowing this to happen. That’s why so many parents are deluded into thinking universal pre-k will give their dull/average kid an edge. Or that exceptional investors cannot exist according to the left because the market is rigged, in the same way the exceptionally talented people exist because of special treatment, not special genes.

This whole thing about ‘planned parenthood’ is a red herring and unrelated to eugenics. Liberals support birth control and abortion not to make society better, but because of lack of self-control.