The Age of Kayfabe

Covid, the Capitol protests, and BLM/antifa defined 2020 and the first month of 2021. But things have slowed down over the past few months. Cities are no longer burning, with BLM back in hibernation. The world isn’t falling apart, as many predicted if Biden won. CPI being 4% is a long way from hyperinflation spite… Continue reading The Age of Kayfabe

Why Stocks Beat Crypto

A few days ago Elon Musk changed his mind about Bitcoin, discontinuing it as a payment method for Tesla after suddenly becoming aware of the environmental impact of Bitcoin. Consequently, Bitcoin crashed on the news falling from $57k to $49k. That seems to be a recurring pattern for Bitcoin: big, frequent sure seems to… Continue reading Why Stocks Beat Crypto

The Culture Wars Online, Revisited

Scott reminisces about the rise and fall of the online culture wars The whole process was a very clear example of a respectability cascade. There‚Äôs some position which is relatively commonly held, but considered beyond the pale for respectable people. In the beginning, the only people who will say it openly are extremely non-respectable people… Continue reading The Culture Wars Online, Revisited

The Return to Tradition

In trying to explain the enduring success or Dr. Jordan Peterson in spite of concerted efforts by his detractors, the answer, I believe, is that many young people are seeking authentic voices, advice, and stories, that modernity, social media, and popular culture are unable to provide. Videos of old people telling their stories often go… Continue reading The Return to Tradition

Two Interesting Studies

Came across two interesting papers which pertain to and agree with some of my earlier posts. The first: The role of verbal intelligence in becoming a successful criminal: Results from a longitudinal sample. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a free version of this paper. From the abstract: Intelligence has been linked with success across… Continue reading Two Interesting Studies