Not the Real Marxism

From Quillette: Marx Deserves Better Critics. If Marx wanted better critics, maybe he shouldn’t have devised an economic system that sucks so much. As someone in the comments notes: Marx does not deserve better critics, because his ideas are so bad both in theory and in practice that it is a waste of time 150+… Continue reading Not the Real Marxism

The ’90s and now, part 4

Articles that challenge conventional wisdom frequently go viral, especially if such wisdom is unsubstantiated, as part of the recent backlash online (offline, people are less intelligent and more impressionable, which is why people still shell out thousands of dollars for useless Tony Robins seminars) against sentimentalism and bullshit. As an example, a recent the… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 4

Deleted for Truth

The NYTs retracts the only true thing it has ever published. The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove spoke with Murphy in the wake of the newspaper’s publication of a second controversial cartoon that drew critical condemnation from the Jewish community–after a first cartoon, which the paper now admits was antisemitic, was retracted and then subsequently apologized… Continue reading Deleted for Truth