The Benefits of Boredom

This article went hugely viral: Let Children Get Bored Again: Boredom teaches us that life isn’t a parade of amusements. More important, it spawns creativity and self-sufficiency. The viralness of the article is part of a greater backlash and criticism of modernity by both the high-IQ left and the high-IQ right, which makes it a… Continue reading The Benefits of Boredom

The Jewish Advantage

Came across this meta analysis The Jewish Advantage: Jews are Intelligent and High-Achieving, that suggests Jewish high achievement is due to 9-15 point IQ advantage over gentiles. Regarding the first question, Lynn has supplied a wealth of data suggesting that the average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is between 109 and 115 depending on the type… Continue reading The Jewish Advantage

The Capitalism Quality Paradox

Online, there is no shortage of lengthy, well-written, insightful articles about philosophy, literature, and politics, even though these subjects don’t in any way lend themselves to moentization, yet articles about actionable stuff (such as finance or crypto-currency), in which an obvious financial incentive exists for quality, are typically of poor quality, full of ads, vague… Continue reading The Capitalism Quality Paradox