Reclaiming The White House With Pro-Growth Policy

Economist Morici: Obama Destroying Americans’ Faith in the Country The GOP should return to be being the party of growth and optimism, says expert. “We need to stop obsessing about the fed and deficit and focus our attention to the most successful policies of past victories: defense spending, tax cuts and free market capitalism.” We… Continue reading Reclaiming The White House With Pro-Growth Policy

Some Thoughts on Capital and Risk

From Ashok Rao’s Inequality of Returns and Reinvestment Opportunity: – the only real source of long-run returns – is far more skewed than that of wealth ownership. The bottom 95% own all of their wealth in two forms: Explicitly: Home ownership which forces saving over a period of thirty years. Implicitly: Social security which acts… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Capital and Risk

Taleb Loses Debate, Blames His Opponent

Nassim Taleb Debated Larry Summers Last Week, And He Is NOT Happy With How Summers Behaved derr risks..derr risks..derr didn’t know derr risk..derrr..derrr ROFL cry me a river. Did the liberal Nicolas Nassim Taleb lose his temper once again, in addition to his debate with the redoubtable Larry Summers? Is that why he’s always mad,… Continue reading Taleb Loses Debate, Blames His Opponent

Extraversion and IQ

In response to Steve Hsu’s article Life impacts of personality and intelligence, Lion responds: The evidence here is that unless people with top 1% math ability can use that to get a prestigious degree which can then enable them to get hired into a prestigious career track, they won’t make much more money than any… Continue reading Extraversion and IQ

An Indebted Generation

From the WSJ: Congratulations to Class of 2014, Most Indebted Ever As we wrote yeterday, although a college degree is an important factor for lifetime success, not everyone is suited for higher education. Misguided policy by well-intentioned individuals has encumbered millions of low-aptitude students with debt and little hope of graduating. The problem developing is… Continue reading An Indebted Generation

The Smartist Era

IQ, race/HBD (human bio-diversity), economics, and education. These ‘four horsemen’ are indispensable, inseparable, inescapable and are more relevant than ever in the 21st century. For example, trying to fix education boils down to understanding that the IQ gap between individuals or different groups is a possible contributing factor to the achievement gap. Education ties in… Continue reading The Smartist Era

Some Thoughts on IQ and Eugenics

As quoted by Marginal Revolution poster, So Much for Subtlety: But that is the difference between the old fashioned British-origin American Establishment and its Radical heirs. The Old School believed in their own values, especially things like academic freedom and the importance of public debate. Which is why they did nothing to stop the Hard… Continue reading Some Thoughts on IQ and Eugenics