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Taking Neo Reaction (NRx) To The Next Level

One, Neo Reaction (NRx) needs to be more pragmatic and instructive to make the leap from from philosophical movement to a political one, which means having to delineate political policy on the major issues. That means have a platform of ‘action items’, like political parties typically do. Such items could be to lower income taxes, implement eugenics, bad immigration etc.

Two, more money to expand the reach of NRx. For example, ads to promote NRx, professionally designed websites (like how political websites are done), studio quality podcasts, professionally done books, etc. Whatever is done now – but taken to the next level. NRX doesn’t have an official logo. It needs one. But everyone is too atomized, which is understandable because smart people typically don’t like to conform. But without cohesion progress will be stunted.

Three, bridging ideological gaps, specifically between the ethno-nationalists and the techno-libertarians. The strife between the palo-right and the neocon/mainstream right is deeply ingrained and irreconcilable, but the reason why GOP doesn’t self-destruct is because the mainstream-conservative wing of the GOP substantially overpowers the palocon minority. My take on this is the ‘right’, which includes the NRx movement, should side with the Silicon Valley tech culture , as there is a sizable libertarian/right sub-culture in the Bay Area technology scene. Liberals like Tim Cook don’t speak for everyone there, it’s just that he is the most vocal, and maybe more libertarians want to speak up but fear the consequences of doing so. Besides its libertarian subculture, Silicon Valley is also an ‘HBD’ success story/microcosm in that it seems to reward high-IQ and individual exceptionalism more so than anywhere else in America.

Four, a leader. What drew me to NRx was seeing headlines about it in late 2013-early 2014 in such ‘mainstream’ sites as Wired, Daily Caller, Techcrunch, and while most of the coverage wasn’t flattering to NRx, it piqued my curiosity as to what this whole NRx thing was about, and I’m sure others were curious, too. I found myself agreeing with so much of it that I built this website. NRx’s ideology of anti-egalitarianism seemed to align with what I had written in 2012-2014, except I didn’t have a name for it. But I suspect the efforts of Nick Land and Moldbug are the reason why NRx got so much coverage in 2013, but with Moldbug apparently calling it quits in 2014, ending his final blog post with the uncharacteristically terse statement ‘Thanks for reading!’ , coverage has tapered off – substantially. Unfortunately, there is probably no one Moldbug’s caliber of intellect, knowledge of history, and writing ability fill his shoes. His inscrutable, seemingly interminable posts inspired awe – like an alien from a race of superior beings and wrote them and left them here for us mere triple-digit IQ morals to decipher. I’m speculating, based on Mr. Jones being too concerned, the the attention, a lot of which was in a negative light, may have been overwhelming and he wanted his own personal ‘exit’ from the movement he created. That’s understandable, especially when what starts out as a hobby begins to consume your life, but a NRx ‘leader’ must preserve in the face of libelous criticism, and if he does leave someone should quickly fill his void. Right now NRx seems to have a void, although Anismov, who seems to be the most visible in the NRx movement right now, could be unofficial ‘leader’…who knows.

Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle

Perhaps America is a uniquely intellectual place. People complain about the dumbing down of America, but other countries are much worse. America’s competitive capitalist and winner-take-all culture rewards high-IQ and punishes mediocrity. Of course, all countries have dull people, and America is no exception, but America – by virtue of its free markets, stable currency, strong economy, prestigious institutes of higher learning, tech companies, low regulation (relative to other countries), and high R&D spending – is perhaps the best country for the cognitively superior to unlock their full potential, more so than any other country. The Nordic countries are smart, but it’s not an in-your-face smartness. More like privately toiling away in the tradition of Euler and Gauss.

According to Ravi Batra’s Social Cycle, it would seem since 2008 the Intellectual/Aquisitor phase has been dominant. In today’s era of intellectualism, being smart is perhaps the new celebrity status whereas in the past such status was reserved only to performers such as athletes, musicians and actors. And after 911, the warriors (police, firefighters, military) held some ground, but quickly lost it as memories of the disaster faded and the economy recovered. In the period between 2001-2008 and in the 80′s and 90′s, we saw the rise of labor, due to high inflation & low unemployment, an abundance of overpaid jobs, and the housing bubble which specifically helped middle income people ‘feel’ rich. The whole century before 2008 saw all groups gain ground; everyone, including warriors and laborers, did well. Now it’s just smart people reaping most, if not all, of the gains, and baring a existential catastrophe it will remain that way as humanity transitions to type 1 civilization status. But interestingly, warriors can do well due to generous pensions and various govt. programs offered to these workers. If you’re not in the cognitive or financial elite, or you don’t have a plush government job, your life may stink.

World’s ‘Smartest Man’ Supports Eugenics

This is pretty old, but Chris Langan, the ‘smartest man’ in the world, supports Eugenics, as shown by this clip:

I put scare quotes because I don’t think it’s possible to determine who the smartest person in the world is. There are probably a hundred or so people who could hold the title, of which would include various child prodigies, individuals who are in those ‘smartest people’ lists, theoretical physicists, and mathematicians who specialize in the hardest math of all, Algebraic Geometry. This is why Guinness Book of World Records no longer has an IQ category, discontinuing it due to the difficulty of assigning a single record holder.

But he is right. After a rough start, maybe it’s time to give eugenics, specifically negative eugenics, another try. The war on poverty has failed, entitlement spending shows no indication of slowing, and perhaps society would be better if we found a way to slowly phase out its most undesirable elements. Positive eugenics already occurs to some degree due to assortative mating. The idea would be first make the idea of eugenics palatable to the public through pro-eugenics education and guides, and then try to get politicians on board by showing how eugenics can reduce entitlement spending and crime. Perhaps make welfare benefits contingent upon mandatory birth control, with violators requiring sterilization. Also offer financial incentives for individuals with low-IQs or costly heredible disabilities to undergo sterilization. And pay people with favorable phenotypes for egg and sperm donation. And prenatal screening, with required abortion in the event of severe disability unless the parent demonstrates financial means to care for child without too much government assistance, with some monetary compensation for compliance. Such screening can be done within the first trimester. Unlike eugenics of the past, there would be less emphasis on compulsory sterilization and a greater emphasis on financial incentives, making eugenics a market-based solution, and I think that’s probably the best approach. No, this is not leftist planned parenthood Sangerism. Welfare liberals want nothing to do with eugenics, supporting birth control due to a lack of self-control, not to make the world a better place. The left wants an upside-down world where the least advantageous, least desirable traits are propagated (an Idiocracy), to the determinant of society and the tax payer.

Smart People On Reddit Giving Police Benefit of Doubt

Reddit, to their credit, is showing their support for the police, as shown by up-voting 10,000 times this imgur post about how, contrary to liberal belief, police stop blacks not out of racial prejudice but because genuine infractions were made, and that the proper course of action is to not become combative and assume racial profiling but to cooperate with the police, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for both parties. Walter Scott’s mistake was running away, making himself a threat and a target, as well as making his guilt obvious.

In Defense of MGTOW

A video by Aaron critical of MGTOW

I agree with 90% of what Aaron writes, including his views on STEM, free market capitalism, feminism, SJWs, religion, etc – but disagree with his opinions on MGTOW, about how he says the stock market is a bubble inflated by QE, and about the fed. But 90% is a lot, and disagreeing is a sign that you at least critically analysed the opposing person’s views. But I think he’s kinda putting the pussy on a pedestal, which is a liberal thing to do.

I like the idea of going your own way, choosing to break free from the grip of political correctness and society’s norms. Can you be MGTOW and live with your parents? I think so, as many 20-30 year-old men are doing just that to save money due to nosebleed rent that vastly exceeds inflation. If you live with with your parents you can easily save $500-$1500 a month, depending on your region.

From CNBC, rent will keep going up even as inflation is supposed to be very low:

Renting has gotten increasingly expensive over the last five years. The average U.S. rent has climbed 14 percent to $1,124 since 2010, according to commercial property tracker Reis Inc. That’s four percentage points faster than inflation, and more than double the rise in U.S. home prices over the same period.

You can also be MGTOW and choose not have a dating life, or choose to play video games and surf the web during the day, or choose not to work-out, or choose not to go clubbing – and it does’t make you a loser, a misogynist or a coward. It makes you smart and proactive. The MGTOW don’t want to make the same mistakes they see older people make, of getting involved with women who will rob them through the courts, leaving them with kids they don’t want and years of child support. Look at all the money Phil Collins has lost due to divorces, to women who did nothing of commensurate value to earn so much of his wealth. You don’t need to touch the stove and get burned to know it’s hot, especially when you see people getting burned. Maybe some people find surfing the web and watching movies to be more fun than riding motorcycles. To each his own.

Plus, in the post-2008 era, being a nerd is kinda cool, unlike as recently as ten years ago. And whether it’s through web 2.0, stocks, STEM, or expensive real estate, nerds are the ones making all the money in this hyper-competitive economy where intellect is more valued than ever. And women are increasingly preferring ‘beta‘ guys, not only because of the post-2008 rise of nerd culture, but because beta males tend earn more money.

Furthermore, a typical woman is less intelligent than a typical man; women are less logical than men; and women tend to be materialistic, irascible, and driven by emotion. This is backed by science, and it isn’t misogynistic. From Wikipedia:

Several meta-studies by Richard Lynn between 1994 and 2005 found mean IQ of men exceeding that of women by a range of 3–5 points.[18][19][20][21] Lynn’s findings were debated in a series of articles for Nature.[22][23] Jackson and Rushton found males aged 17–18 years had average of 3.63 IQ points in excess of their female equivalents.[24] A 2005 study by Helmuth Nyborg found an average advantage for males of 3.8 IQ points.[25] One study concluded that after controlling for sociodemographic and health variables, “gender differences tended to disappear on tests for which there was a male advantage and to magnify on tests for which there was a female advantage.”[26] A

And women have less variance of IQ (a more pointed Bell Curve):

A 2005 study by Ian Deary, Paul Irwing, Geoff Der, and Timothy Bates, focusing on the ASVAB showed a significantly higher variance in male scores, resulting in more than twice as many men as women scoring in the top 2%. The study also found a very small (d’ ≈ 0.07, less than 7%, of a standard deviation) average male advantage in g.[17] A 2006 study by Rosalind Arden and Robert Plomin focused on children aged 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10 and stated that there was greater variance “among boys at every age except age two despite the girls’ mean advantage from ages two to seven. Girls are significantly over-represented, as measured by chi-square tests, at the high tail and boys at the low tail at ages 2, 3 and 4. By age 10 the boys have a higher mean, greater variance and are over-represented in the high tail.”[38

That’s why women tend to gravitate towards low-IQ majors such as child development.

Given these immutable cognitive differences between the sexes, with men being more intelligent and rational than women, is it any mystery the divorce rate is so high? Or why so many men are dropping out and ‘going their own way’?

And finally, the weakest part of the video is where Aaron makes an issue out of the physical appearance of MGTOW members. That is a textbook example of the ad hominem fallacy.

Again, going your own away is most importantly about personal freedom, but it’s also about free markets, being your own man, and the use of scientific empiricism to repudiate political correctness.


Bridging The Red Pill and Beta Male Conservatism

The Beta Male Conservative

Is the ‘Red Pill’ Teaching Obsolete Skills?

8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month

This 8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 a Month Baking Sweets on YouTube

lol, bu..bu..but..isn’t America supposed to be in decline, says the left? How is this possible when, according to the left, the only capitalism that exists is crony capitalism? And the America Dream is dead, too, according to liberals, because rich people killed it. I guess this girl did not get the memo. Maybe the fed is behind this, since the fed is manipulating everything, according to the left. The fed gave her TARP money and…somehow this ties in with QE…idk…this is the tortured thought process liberals go through as they try to ‘explain away’ American and individual exceptionalism, devising increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories for how everything is rigged, as these liberals are losers at life and it’s easier to bring down the successful than raise yourself up. This is how the cognitively inferior reconcile their mediocrity.


Business professionals occasionally gripe that college graduates are unable to write correctly. According to the article, a contributing factor is that many college professors often don’t edit papers for grammatical accuracy, only reading to make sure the student grasps the concept and meets the requirements, and grading accordingly.

Many faculty members are content merely to jot down a brief comment or two about a paper and hardly any go through a paper line by line to correct writing mistakes. Sperber explains that they “justify their indifference to dreadful student writing by saying that when reading a paper, they mainly want to ascertain whether the student understands the ideas in the course…. Content alone matters, not how well the student has expressed it.”

In the student’s defense, the rules of grammar – of which where are hundreds or thousands, depending on your source – can be subtle, and professional editors can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to proofread a single manuscript, suggesting that mastery is uncommon enough to command such a large fee. It’s not feasible for a professor to proofread line-by-line hundreds of 20-50 page papers and expect to return the papers in a timely manner without it consuming all available time needed for other commitments such as teaching and researching. And if the student has to re-submit and the teacher has to re-edit, the time involved is doubled.

Then there is the composed/comprised Wikipedia edit storm, the incorrect use of begging the question – and much more. I’m sure everyone has made one of these mistakes at least once. I know I have.

As someone who has done writing and some coding, certain aspects grammar and writing could be harder than coding because unlike in coding there is often no obvious indication when your grammar is wrong, besides the reader being annoyed or confused. In coding, for example, if you have a misplaced character or some sort of mistake, the program will render incorrectly and the error probably will be obvious to you. Or the error will be hidden, but only visible to someone who views the source code. Grammatical errors, on the other hand, are visible to the world to see, and oftentimes a sentence will sound correct when you read it in your mind but still be grammatically incorrect.

Why Bay Area/Silicon Valley Real Estate Keeps Going Up

Atherton has the highest median property value of any region in America, with Menlo Park and Palo Alto not far behind. The entire Bay Area real estate market has been white-hot since 2012, coinciding with the huge public offerings of Facebook and Twitter and the 40+ percent gains in the S&P 500, and shows no sign of cooling. Inflation-adjusted prices will keep rising for years, even decades, to come. There won’t be another 2007-09, at least not in your lifetime (unless you’re like 5-years old and reading this blog). Why is Bay Area real estate doing so well?

1. Silicon Valley’s meritocracy rewards high-IQ and the best and brightest more so than anywhere else in America, making Silicon Valley attractive to tech investors and tech entrepreneurs. Anyone with a good idea and some coding can become a millionaire overnight and a billionaire within a couple years. Coders strait out of college, or even without college, can earn a solid six-figure income – even tens of millions upon the company going public or being acquired, and a lot of this money finds its way into the local real estate market.

2. Rich, high-IQ foreigners need somewhere to put their fortunes, and the Bay Area real estate market offers among the best combination of rate of return and stability.

3. Stanford is a magnet for intellectualism, making the entire region more valuable. There is a positive correlation between the IQ of residents and real estate prices of said region.

4. Enormous capital circulating in that region from foreigners and newly minted millionaires & billionaires in the web 2.0 boom & stock market boom. It’s a like a free market feeding frenzy there, of people becoming instantly wealthy despite the left insisting that the American dream is dead and America is in decline.

5. America still center of the universe, and Silicon Valley is the center of America, with Manhattan a close second. Everything that is important in the world is going on there. Tesla, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Apple, etc – all in Silicon Valley.

6. America is an economic safe haven, especially since 2008 and 2013. Other countries are rife with a combination of either inflation, deflation, stagnation and corruption – America has none of that. Real GDP growth of 2-3% may not seem great, but it beats all other g-8 nations.

7. No currency risk. Adjusting for the strength of the US dollar, US real estate has outperformed pretty much all other countries, with Bay Area real estate posting among the highest returns. Other countries may have seen bigger percentage gains in their real estate prices – but when adjusting for the post-2011 strength in the US dollar, the results are actually inferior. It doesn’t do much good if real estate is rising 50%, but your country’s currency falls 50% against the dollar. The gains cancel out. But gains in American real estate are in dollars, so there is no currency risk. People with homes in the Bay area saw a net-worth gain of 20-40% in a 2-year period between 2012-2014 as other currencies plunged. Had you kept your money in Euros, for example, you would have lost 40% vs. a gain of 40%.

Here are some of those Atherton homes for sale, if you got a couple million lying around. I actually think homes in the $1-5 million range are better investments than the super-expensive ones since cheaper homes are easier to sell and prices are easier to track.

Daredevil Stories

I am dubbing a new phrase, Daredevil Stories, to describe stories of people who apparently have a disability but somehow not only overcome the disability – but become substantially better than average. The name comes from a comic book in which the superhero Daredevil is blind but has better perception than sighted people. Normally, blind people hobble around with an ungainly walking stick, vulnerable to their surroundings, but Daredevil is as agile as a cat, having transcended his disability. You see a lot of Daredevil stories online, especially on sites like Reddit, describing how someone who seems to have a cognitive or learning disability early in life and against all odds becomes a genius (or is already a genius).It’s like, wow, not only did you not talk until 5 years old, but then ‘boom’ you’re a genius. Here’re an example from a blogger who transformed from a late-talker in special education classes to an academic stuperstar.

The original post about late talking;

I therefore have something in common with these famous physicists. I didn’t learn to speak until I was well past my third birthday, as my mum never tires of reminding me. In fact, as I have blogged about before, I was a very slow developer in other ways and when I started school was immediately earmarked as an educational basket case.

And his transformation. It’s kinda long, so I excepted the most relevant passages:

After a time I had caught up with reading in class and eventually managed to read just about every book the School had to offer, including the Diaries of Samuel Pepys

..and scores well enough to get a scholarship to an exclusive private school

In 1974 I took the entrance examination at eleven-plus for the Royal Grammar School in Jesmond and was recommended by the Governors for the award of a scholarship. This was effectively a private school but the City Council paid the fees for a limited number of pupils who did well in the entrance examination.

Pretty interesting…makes me wish I had a special story

The problem with Daredevil stories is that they are anecdotal and in isolation are of limited use for scientific inquiry. They are vulnerable to selection and confirmation biases. People want to seek out the ‘good’ traits in people who talk late or have a learning disability, or only people who are Daredevils are inclined to share their stories, resulting in lots of Daredevil stories and little else. As for late-talking due to genuine mental slowness, without any hidden gifts or talents, – you almost never hear those stories online. Who would have the courage to admit being dull, especially in a pop culture and economy where intelligence is more valued than ever? But they are out there – lots of late-talkers with no special skills. And dyslexics who not only read slow and confuse letters, but are kinda slow and confused at everything else, too. Not the super-genius dyslexics you read about.

Awstats is Awful

Believe it or not, I never checked the traffic of this site until only a few weeks ago. My plan to was write as much and needed and not check the stats after I had finished most of it, which is where it’s at now. Upon first glance, the traffic looks good, at 5000 uniques a month and 300 visitors a day

But – I noticed a few peculiarities: First, about 1/2 of the ‘pages’ are coming from my own IP and China. I only load this site a few times a day (to write a post and check the post). How could I possibly generate a quarter of all the page requests? That makes no sense.

Awstats, a server based traffic monitoring service included in cpanel hosting plans, dramatically inflates traffic. It’s not even close. Awstats should be used if you want to unscrupulously serve up inflated traffic stats to clients and customers or to impress people, but Awstats is in no way representative of actual human traffic. Awstats must be counting bots, spam requests and spiders as unique visitors, as well as counting JavaScript loads as page views, too. That means if you have a script-intensive page (as most WordPress sites are) each external JavaScript request counts as a hit/visitor/whatever within the single page load.

The problem is traffic is low, the niche (HBD,IQ, etc) is saturated, the news cycle is kinda slow, and pretty much everything of importance has been discussed on other blogs by professionals who write better and have connections.

On the other hand, some ‘for-profit’ sites I had running got 52 million pageviews and 27 million uniques in a 7-month period in 2010-2011. If converted into awstats it would be multiplied by a factor of 5-10.

For comparison voxday, one of the most popular blogs, gets 400k visits a month – which would still take 7-10 years to equal just seven months of some crappy sites I had running. No comparison..blogging loses. It’s fun writing the articles and all, but considering the time and effort blogging is probably the worst way possible for an average person to make money. Writing fiction is close second. (Again, this is for average people. If you are a genius, success in writing fiction is possible) Even those fitness blogs that you see everywhere hardly make a profit after factoring in costs. How-to guides and salespages are far more lucrative. When I used to sell books and guides, the idea was to keep costs as low as possible and optimize the ad copy. I would write a 50 page book on a financial topic, such as strategies to make money in the stock market, and sell it for $250-500 a copy on my own webpage (not Amazon).