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Why NRx is Popular on Reddit

Reddit’s users are predominantly millennials, and ideologically, the site tends to have an anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment, and contrarian bias, yet NRx and related ‘Dark Enlightenment’ views are surprisingly popular there despite reactionaries generally advocating ‘more power’, not less. When Moldbug in 2016 did an AMA it was very well-received, and judging by the up-votes, many Reddit users were not only curious about NRx but agreed with many aspects of it, but also if they didn’t agree still respecting Moldbug for his intellectual intrepidness. You can go on almost any moderately popular sub and many posters are familiar with NRx writers and concepts…they know who Nick Land and Moldbug are. Here are some reasons why NRx has become popular, not just on Reddit but elsewhere online:

1. The post-2013 anti-SJW backlash. After a string of victories: OWS, the 2008 election, and 2012 re-election of Obama, the left became overconfident and overplayed their hand, and the Reddit community turned against ‘social justice’ when SJWs began going after innocent targets, embodying the very oppression they allegedly were supposed to fighting against.

2. The recent backlash by millennials against democracy. Both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ agree democracy is ineffective and not the ‘unalloyed good’ that their teachers and other propagandists had told them, blaming democracy for engendering wealth inequality, creating inefficiency and waste, fostering corruption, being an impetus for unnecessary and costly ‘nation building’ occupations, being a popularity contest that puts superficiality ahead of important issues, and for giving voters who are ill-informed too much influence over policy. It makes sense: anyone who finds Dancing with the Stars entertaining should not have a say in how the country is run. Put the most competent people in charge, but the problem with democracy is the increasing trend towards the least competent running things. The people who are the most drawn to power are often the least fit to serve.

3. Related to anti-establishmentarianism, being a reactionary in an era of political correctness is in itself anti-establishment and contrarian. In the 60′s and 70′s, boomers rebelled through drugs and other acts of mindless conformity; millennials rebel by turning to intellectualism and introspection.

4. Although Reddit tends to be anti-authoritarian, it understands the need for legitimate authority such as police and military, which is why the Reddit community, by in large, condemned the BLM protests during the 1-year Ferguson anniversary, the protests by women and BLM against Trump, and other instances.

From Social Skills and Political Correctness:

Online, whenever a story breaks about the public school war on boys or about false rape accusations, the overwhelming majority of comments are against the SJWs, and we’re not talking about conservative websites, but sites like Reddit that have a broad appeal. For example, I was on Reddit in early August following the Ferguson melee, and I estimate at least 3/4 of the users were on the side of the police and against ‘black lives matter’. Anti-police comments were summarily down-voted. This was for general, bi-partisan subs like /r/news, not conservatives ones.

Reddit and 4chan oppose illegitimate and arbitrary power; for example, SJWs telling white males to check their privilege, or how far-left liberals try to impose their values on society through the education system, courts, or culture. They oppose communism for this very reason. When Fidel Castro died, all of Reddit was celebrating, save for a handful of the usual socialist/Marxist subs.

5. Reddit understands that power in the context of NRx is not about micromanaging individuals (that’s puritanism), but rather about power as a means of promoting order, stability, and ‘rule of law’, yet where personal autonomy is still preserved, in contrast to democratic forms of government, which do a poor job at concentrating power and thus tend to be susceptible to corruption and ‘purity spirals’.

6. Related to the backlash against democracy, the millennial-lead backlash against ‘low information‘ discourse, and NRx is as ‘high information’ as you’re going to find.

7. Related to #1, many liberals realize they have been too close-minded, and Hillary’s loss, which came as a surprise to many on the left becase Hillary’s polls were strong for most of the campaign, was a lesson or wake-up call to the value of understanding opposing perspectives instead of being insulated. This also ties in the with rise of ‘rationalism’ and centrism, and the pendulum of discourse, to some extent, returning to the middle after swinging too far to the left in 2009-2013. Popular sites such as Slate and Quillette are part of the new ‘contrarian mainstream’ that are challenging beliefs that many on the far-left hold dear. Less Wrong, which is very popular on Reddit, although it’s not reactionary per say, helped create the intellectual groundwork for the reality-based approach characteristic of NRx, and with its large readership helped to make NRx more popular. Some could liken Less wrong as ‘reaction’ for the left.

8. The rise of the alt-right and Trump, although this is related to reasons 1-7.

The Post-2008 ‘Philosophy Boom’

This article is going viral: Why read old philosophy?

Since 2008, we’ve been in what can be described as ‘philosophy boom’, as articles and stories about philosophy frequently go viral on sites such as Reddit, 4Chan, and Hacker News, and there seems to be a lot of interest in the subject on Quora and elsewhere. The resurgence of philosophy can be explained by several factors:

Philosophy, especially in recent years, is finding a home in many theoretical STEM applications (such has computer science, set and logic theories, quantum physics, etc.)., and the two are becoming increasingly intertwined. Philosophers seek to emulate physicists, and physicists seek to better understand philosophy. The former is related to the so-called ‘physics envy’ in economics, but such envy also seems to be reversed for STEM subjects, too.

To wit, when the insufferable pedant Neil Degrasse Tyson proclaimed philosophy as ‘useless’, he was instantly met with strong rebuke – by other physicists, including the brilliant Sean M. Carroll, who is much smarter and more accomplished than Tyson can ever hope to be, defending philosophy.

Additionally, both physics and philosophy involve abstractions, are subtle, and tend to be very specific and precise in terminology.

The study of philosophy is analogous to understanding the ‘source code’ behind declarative statements, giving a deeper understanding than is otherwise revealed prima facie, or (in the case of source code), rendered on a computer display. A low-information political pundit may extol the ‘goodness’ of ‘freedom and liberty’ as it applies to common situations such as politics. Philosophy, however, goes deeper by inquiring what it means for something to be ‘good’, what the concept ‘freedom’ means, and whether the two are always mutually inclusive. Whereas punditry is concerned with the present, philosophy seeks to understand antecedents and origins, building on the body of prior philosophical work. This is analogous to source code, which is the antecedent of the output, and newer programming languages are derived or inspired from older ones. Similarly, regarding mathematics, applied mathematics manipulates existing concepts to get outputted results (the answer). Abstract and pure mathematics takes it a step further by trying to determine the conditions where answer is or isn’t possible. This is probably why so many people in computer science, physics, and mathematics are enamored with philosophy, and the other way around.

Second, the study of philosophy, although it may not have as many direct real-world applications as engineering, biology, or computer science, is still valuable for signaling intellect. Philosophy majors have as high of SAT scores as STEM majors. Philosophy is useful for study because it helps us organize our thought processes and reasoning, with a rigor that one wouldn’t otherwise hold themselves to, as the source code analogy above shows. This is probably why philosophy majors are sought for employment, because the degree signals above-average critical thinking and analytical skills.

For example, from the Fire Thirty Eight article Philosophers Don’t Get Much Respect, But Their Earnings Don’t Suck, here’s an infographic that shows how philosophy majors not only make good wages (as high as most STEM subjects) but also have high scores on the GRE and LSAT, both of which are good proxies for IQ. Because philosophy majors are smart, they can readily grasp non-philosophy concepts, which is valuable for employers, who benefit from having employees who are quick to learn and can anticipate needs.

And actually, philosophy is respected, or at least online based on my own observations. As mentioned above, not only do philosophy articles frequently go viral and get a lot of up-votes and positive comments, there is a lot of discussion online about philosophy, and people online seek philosophers for their insight and wisdom. But also, the monastic pursuit of knowledge, deep ‘truths’, and abstractions, in a culture of instant gratification, reductionist narratives, superficiality, and 24-7 entertainment disguised as information (infotainment), is commendable and meritorious. The sacrifice of immediate wealth and ‘payoff’ (having a low time preference) pays dividends long into the future, as others who seek ‘immediate employment’, after many decades, still find themselves in a personal rut, unable to advance beyond the 9-5 grind of being an invisible, unimportant person. Peter Thiel, possibly one of the smartest and most successful people alive as measured by net worth and accomplishments, majored in philosophy:

After graduating from San Mateo High School, Thiel went on to study philosophy at Stanford University. During Thiel’s time at Stanford, debates on identity politics and political correctness were ongoing at the university and a “Western Culture” program, which was criticized by The Rainbow Agenda because of a perceived over-representation of the achievements made by European men, was replaced with a “Culture, Ideas and Values” course, which instead pushed diversity and multiculturalism. This replacement provoked controversy on the campus, and led to Thiel founding The Stanford Review, a paper for conservative and libertarian viewpoints, in 1987, through the funding of Irving Kristol.[19]

That was many decades ago, and now he’s a billionaire..of course, his wild success cannot be generalized to everyone, but his story is example of how delayed gratification can lead to massive payoffs later, as opposed to to skipping college to seek immediate employment and gratification.

Regarding how philosophy is respected, from an earlier post SJW Narrative Collapse, Part Infinity:

The fact that the story went so viral, making it to the front page of Reddit, but also the intense, impassioned discussion in the comments, is further evidence of how finance is so important to millennials, who would rather debate regulation and high frequency trading than waste time on mind-numbing, disposable pop culture entertainment. This is more evidence of how intellectualism has become so important, contrary to pronouncements of how America is ‘dumbing down’. There is a huge demand for intellectualism that the internet and communities like Reddit, Hacker News and 4Chan are satisfying.

An from the post Millennials and Misconceptions in which I give an example from Reddit of how stories and comments that praise education and the attainment of knowledge are up-voted, whereas posts that advocate a more parochial, narrow-minded appeal to ‘instant gratification’ are down-voted.

A STEM degree is preferable, but that doesn’t make the liberal arts useless in the eyes of millennials, provided the degree has some degree of intellectual rigor and are not completely useless or commercialized (like degrees ‘child development’ or ‘search engine marketing’).

A Google search reveals many more examples on Reddit of philosophy majors being respected, so this belief that philosophy majors are unappreciated or are ignored is thoroughly debunked. Maybe as recently as a decade ago, this may have been the case, but online, especially on Quora on Reddit, there is a huge outpouring of interest in philosophy, as millennials see the value of it, along with other intellectualized subjects such as physics, math, and computer science. This also ties in with the post-2008 ‘explosion‘ of ‘intellectualism culture‘.

But also, why is there so much interest in learning complicated, esoteric math concepts? All things ‘smart’ have gotten more attention as of late, such as as theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, philosophy and math (as well as all these things melded together)…It’s like the AP-math class of high school but expanded to include almost everyone, not just a dozen students.

But does this contradict pragmatism. No, because pragmatism is intellectual of nature. Pragmatism, similar to utilitarianism, seeks to maximize resources and outcomes, based on the preponderance of empirical evidence, versus all alternatives being considered, which can include delayed gratification and the purist pursuit of intellectual endeavors, if over the long-run, one derives desirable quantifiable results, such as wealth or status, from such deferment. Pragmatism is contrasted to deontological ethics, the latter which is rule-based, not outcome-based, but this can be easily reconciled, as is often the case online, by stipulating that one’s ‘rule’ is to always choose what leads to the most optimal long-run outcome.

Why the left is losing, as summarized by a Reddit post

If the left wants to know why they are losing, they need look no further than sites like Reddit and 4chan, as the brilliant Reddit post bellow demonstrates why the far-left is so unpopular right now, and why if the left persists in their ways they will continue to lose both elections and the hearts and minds of millennials:

The post was heavily up-voted, indicating considerable agreement. It’s also worth noting that the sub is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a ‘right-wing’ sub, rather one that is neutral or slightly left-leaning such as /r/news.

The left sets the boundaries of ‘acceptable discourse’ and anyone who deviates from them is labeled a racist (a word that has been diluted to such an extent that it could apply to everyone), or worse, possibly loses their career, job, or livelihood. No one is safe, including other liberals, who also find themselves at the mercy of the SJW-left and their inquisition. The left will turn on each other as readily as they go after the ‘right’. The far-left also believes in ‘transitive guilt’, meaning, or example, that if someone supports the alt-right, and David Duke supports the alt-right, then that person also supports David Duke and thus endorses everything David Duke believes in, too.

This blog, between 2014 and 2015, was correct in predicting how Reddit and 4chan were leading the post-2013 SJW-backlash, that ultimately culminated in Trump winning and Hillary losing. The left (and by ‘left’, I mean the SJW-left, not classical liberals) has yet to fully digest just how unpopular their ideology is right now, as if their YouTube videos (such as the Ghostbusters remake trailer, one of the most poorly-received videos on Youtube ever, or Anita Sarkasian’s videos) being inundated with down-votes and negative comments isn’t evidence enough. But they can’t reform, because their ideology is in many ways a religion (or as some have noted, a substitute for the religion they were deprived of growing up), and because they have so much intellectually and spiritually invested in it, that to recant would be a repudiation of their purpose and existence. Essentially, the far-left are victims of the sunk-cost fallacy: the more someone invests in something, the harder it is to abandon it.

SJW Narrative Collapse, Part Infinity

This is pretty funny… going on Reddit (I recommend logging out to see which default threads are on the front page, not subscribed ones), and it looks like the left, to quote the title of a Charles Murray book, is losing ground. A story on /r/news about “Leaflets calling for death of those who insult Islam ‘handed out at London mosque’”, was up-voted to the front page, much to the anger of the left, that wishes that this story would disappear and not be promoted to the ‘front page of the internet’ for the world to see the truth about the ‘religion of peace’:

Pretty much everything I write on this blog is true or will eventually be true, whether it’s about economics, the stock market, the media, Bay Area real estate, internet journalism, intellectualism, web 2.0 valuations, or the post-2013 demise of the SJW narrative.

The truth always prevails, but sometimes it takes a little while to break free from the web of misinformation and false narratives that are so appealing but also wrong. We’re seeing this with the post-2013 SJW backlash, in addition to the ‘alt right’, Red Pill, MGTOW, NRx and the ‘Dark Enlightenment’, Gamergate HBD, ‘frog Twitter’, and the election of Trump. And through this blog – which began in 2014 as these politically incorrect ideologies and movements were beginning to burst through like a battering ram against the fortress of leftism – I am proud to be a part of it, too.

By unleashing the frog that lies within us all, we can make America great again.

Who else is feeling deplorable today?

Leftist assumptions about economics and finance are being repudiated by the internet’s army of fact checkers.

For example, through the writings of Robert Shiller (a Noble Prize economist who shills for the left) and Michael Lewis (another liberal, who wrote The Big Short and Flash Boys), the left conveyed a narrative that high frequency trading was an unalloyed evil – an assumption that for many years went unchallenged by the ‘general public’ until only recently, as millennials on Reddit (as part off the post-2013 SJW backlash) eventually learned that high frequency trading actually helps traders by lowering transaction costs and speeding order executions.

A New York Times column If War Can Have Ethics, Wall Street Can, Too made it to the top of Reddit a couple days ago, but commenters attacked the leftist premise of the article, particularity as it pertains to high frequency trading:

Working at an investment bank conveys authenticity and authority in the eyes of other ‘redditors’, who up-voted the post in agreement. In many ways, finance and economics could be considered ‘STEM’, as it’s considered intellectually rigorous and involves empirical evidence, math, and number-crunching, and that’s why it ranks high in the hierarchy of degrees in terms of respect, along with philosophy, physics, and mathematics.

This was from /r/philosophy, not a ‘right wing’ sub, so it’s not like I cherry picked a sub that agrees with my view, and I could easily find more examples beyond the ones in the screenshot. But the reality is, there are a lot of misconceptions promoted by the left about algorithmic trading that are are easy to refute, and I have done so here. It’s nice to see so many people coming around to reality, rejecting the ‘blame the rich/banks’ mentality that was so pervasive in 2008-2012.

The same goes for the much maligned 2008 bank bailouts, which many people, in agreement with posts I wrote in 2011-2015, realize were necessary from a utilitarian standpoint, and helped the economy by stemming the bleeding from the ailing banking housing sectors so that the healthier sectors such as web 2.0, payment processing, information technology, and retail could thrive. The bailouts may have created moral hazard but indirectly created trillions of dollars of wealth in the form of rising asset prices, economic growth, and improved confidence – all at nearly no cost (as the bailout was funded with near-zero yielding debt).

The fact that the story went so viral, making it to the front page of Reddit, but also the intense, impassioned discussion in the comments, is further evidence of how finance is so important to millennials, who would rather debate regulation and high frequency trading than waste time on mind-numbing, disposable pop culture entertainment. This is more evidence of how intellectualism has become so important, contrary to pronouncements of how America is ‘dumbing down’. There is a huge demand for intellectualism that the internet and communities like Reddit, Hacker News and 4Chan are satisfying.

This is just one of many examples of how the truth always prevails. A reality-based worldview based on rationalism and logic always prevails. Leftists, who have to use misinformation and emotion to convert the uninformed to their causes, are losing.

An Army of Fact Checkers: How Reddit (and social media) is Destroying the SJW Narrative

Scott ponders how online reporting of science can be improved.

Maybe a solution is to ‘crowdsource’ the peer review through social media such as Reddit, putting all these smart users to use to do the fact-checking the mainstream media is otherwise too lazy or incompetent to do – in fact, that already is happening. Pretty much every major study or press release has a Reddit discussion about it.

Of all social media, the Reddit community is perhaps the best ‘fact-checker’. Without fail, a ‘Redditor’ will find a flaw in the original article, or at least re-frame it differently than the headline, which is often intentionally misleading and sensationalist. These corrections are up-voted and algorithmatically promoted to the top of the comments, readily visible. Given Reddit’s huge traffic and high-IQ demographic, there will always be an expert or sleuth to pounce, even for the most esoteric of subjects. Karma and expert status, which confers with the trait valued most by millennials: high IQ, is a very effective motivator. Reddit provides near-expert peer review that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in man hours – for free.

Reddit is kinda like the world’s biggest Mensa meetup or gifted education class…The result: a digital army of empiricists and rationalists in refutation to the ‘manufactured consensus’ promulgated by the slowly dying liberal mainstream media. Whether it’s global warming pseudoscience, fake rape accusations, or race and gender blindness, they (the Reddit community) see through the lies and deceptions of the media as everyone else just nods their heads.

Of course, Reddit, like all large online communities, has its fair share of SJW lemmings, but they are not the majority, as I discuss in an earlier post SJW Narrative Collapse:

As I predicted in 2014, there is definitely evidence of SJW narrative collapse, especially on Reddit and elsewhere, with the rise of Red Pill, Dark Enlightenment, and other anti-SJW movements and ideologies. Online, whenever a story breaks out about the public school war on boys or about false rape accusations, the overwhelming majority of comments are against the SJWs, and we’re not talking about conservative websites, but sites like Reddit that have a broad appeal. For example, I was on Reddit in early August following the Ferguson melee, and I estimate at least 3/4 of the users were on the side of the police and against ‘black lives matter’. Anti-police comments were summarily down-voted.

Based on my observation of comment and voting patterns for popular subs (excluding subs that are obviously partisan), I estimate at least 75% of Reddit users are against SJWs, and I’m sure that percentage also includes some liberals, but being anti-SJW is good enough – at least for me.

Furthermore, anti-SJW memes and hashtags frequently go viral on Imgur, a site owned by Reddit and used by Reddit users, with significant overlap between the two sites.

On Youtube, a site with a very similar demographic as Reddit, videos by the right-leaning think tank AEI, which endorses free market capitalism, get many upvotes and comments in agreement. An example is an excellent video by AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers debunking inflated rape statistics. Her video is rated very favorably, with over three thousand upvotes and just 122 downvotes. Meanwhile, Anita Sarkeesian’s video received such a strong negative response that comments and ratings were disabled.

Same for 4chan, with their piss4equality prank.

A common criticism of Reddit is that it promotes groupthink, but based on my experience, the alleged ‘hive mind’ is not as big of a problem as often purported. Unless the sub is highly polarized or there is little room for ambiguity, insightful and well-researched comments supporting or opposing an argument are often both promoted, leaving the reader to choose. Discussions involving games or movies may be more prone to groupthink, but you don’t see as much cliquish behavior in the smarter subs; instead, research, accuracy, and impartiality is valued; ideologues, tin foil hat wearers, reduction/oversimplification of complicated matters, and unfunny trolls tend to be down-voted. Pandering is also frowned upon; better to be honest, even if it means being a Conservative on a liberal-leaning sub, than inauthentic or preaching to the choir.

False victimization, too, is also punished, which is probably why – as part of the post-2013 SJW backlash – virtually all Reddit users agreed with the WSJ article about college cry bullies and how students are being coddled – even liberals professors agree ‘social justice’ has gone too far. Whether it’s false rape accusations (Amherst rape hoax), professors being forced to apologize or resign for merely observing and reporting biological reality, ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading’, or ‘safe spaces’ – if it weren’t for social media and fact-checking on sites like 4chan and Reddit, these SJW zealots would have no one to challenge them.

In 1987, the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine allowed right-wing talk radio to flourish, which was the first major blow against decades of unchallenged post-WW2 liberalism. Now it’s social media – sites like Reddit and Twitter – that is finishing where talk radio left off, exposing the insanity and mendacity of the left to a new generation.


Why Social Networking Threatens the Liberal Media
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Why The Left Wants Reddit To Fail

The SPLC’s War on Reddit and Free Speech

From splcenter.org: Black Hole

There’s a relevant quote by Friedrich Nietzsche:

“He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.”

That seems to apply to the SPCL right now, which is shooting itself in the foot and expending unnecessary energy by trying to regulate speech. The SPLC is known for being heavy-handed, ascribing labels like ‘racist’ or ‘hateful’ to groups and individuals that are undeserving of it, simply for holding views that the SPLC opposes. It’s too bad the SPLC, in its tendency to jump the gun, going so far as slandering its targets, is in many ways not much better than than the very extremists it decries.

Hate and disagreement are not mutually inclusive. You can disagree/be offended without the person or group with whom are disagreeing with being ‘hateful’, which is a loaded word, and discretion should be used before throwing such labels around. Maybe instead of a ‘hate list’ it should be a ‘we disagree list’.

The good news is that there is some evidence of a backlash or at least criticism of the SPLC on mainstream sites like Mother Jones (which is certainly not an ‘right wing’ extremist site by any stretch of the imagination), which has criticized the SPLC for ‘casting a net too wide’.

In 2012, the harmless Reddit Men’s Rights sub was snagged by the net because, according to liberal logic, ‘women’s rights’ is always good and ‘men’s rights’ must be bad.

And then there was the incident of the SPLC adding Ben Carson to its ‘extremist’ files. Just a mistake, ya’ know? Things happen.

The SPLC’s decision to label Focus on the Family, a Conservative American non-profit organization, a ‘hate group’ was met with much criticism. From humanevents.com, Isn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center the Real Hate Group?

It should first be recalled that the actual SPLC report was terribly flawed, as I and a number of others pointed out. For example, based on the report, if you state that kids do best when raised by a mom and dad (as opposed to two moms or two dads), you are propagating a known falsehood. Or if you agree with the many therapists and psychologists who argue that a child’s upbringing and early-life experiences (including being sexually abused) play a major role in the development of his or her sexual orientation, you are propagating a known falsehood. The same is true if you claim that hate crime laws could lead to the arresting of pastors who criticize homosexuality (this has already happened in Sweden, England and Canada), or if you argue that it would be detrimental to the military to have gays serving openly. Yes, according to the SPLC, disseminating such views officially constitutes “hate.”

So in other words, if the SPLC disagrees with your views, however benign they may be, you’re officially spreading hate and should be suppressed; first amendment be damned.

And of course, if the left really cared about stopping extremism, they would focus their attention on Islam (as some brave liberals like Harris and Dawkins have done), not the Confederate flag. More people have died of Islamic extremism (2,780 due to 911 alone) than all of white ‘extremism’ combined. Instead, like how the left denies the science of HBD and IQ while promoting global warming science, the left picks and chooses the extremism they wish to believe in. Even vulgar rap music has indirectly killed people by inspiring inner city youths to act out the crimes glorified by the lyrics, yet not a peep from the left to censor it.

And finally, these ‘coon’ threads/communities are only a tiny fraction of the enormous Reddit community.

What’s next? Does the SPLC want to wiretap our homes to screen for possible hate speech, sending pertinent information to our employers so we all lose our jobs? Would that make then happy?

Elton John, in his infamous duet with Eminiem, rebuked the pressure group GLAAD in favor of artistic freedom. Now we need people on the ‘left’ to kick the SPLC to the curb, for the sake of free speech offline and on.

SJWs Eat Their Own

Last week the left had high hopes that they would be able to shutdown Reddit – well, so much for that. On front page of Reddit this afternoon I found zero stories about the shutdown, suggesting that most, if not all, of the locked threads had been reopened as people had gotten on with their lives. A week ago the media and front page of Reddit was full of stories about Reddit’s alleged ‘implosion’, but the left spoke too soon (as they always do) and the crisis seems to have abated before it even had a chance to begin.

But the public lynching of Ellen Pao continues as the SJWs eat their own. Only as recently as a couple week ago, Ms. Pao was one of their allies as the SJWs gathered in solidarity after she lost her unfounded discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins – only to have the SJWs turn against her, implicating her for the firing Victoria Taylor, as if the SJWs know beyond all reasonable doubt that Ms. Pao personally oversaw it. As big as Reddit seems, it’s only a subsidiary of Conde Nast, which a subsidiary of Advance Publications, Inc., a media conglomerate with over $8 billion in revenues and 25,000 employees, so she is far from the top of the pecking order and it’s possible the decision to fire Victoria Taylor (as well as other unpopular decisions such as putting ads and closing threads) was rendered or prompted by her superior. Perhaps the firing of Victoria Taylor was wholly justified – there’s always that possibility. But it’s hypocritical of the left to blame Ms. Pao when there are possible extenuating circumstances, especially when SJWs, who preach ‘tolerance’, giving the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and ‘open mindedness’, fail to lend such courtesy to Ms. Pao.

This outrage demonstrates ignorance by the left about how business works. Everyday, thousands of people are fired unceremoniously, and as they say, ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’. We may never know why Victoria Taylor was fired, and being that Reddit is a private company, it’s none of our business. Also, (and I’m also directing this to folks on the right who are accusing Pao (or Reddit) of being draconian) Reddit can do what it wants. If the staff want to put advertising or delete threads, it’s entirely within their rights. If a business under its own volition chooses to self-destruct under the stupidity of its management, that’s also within their rights, a notable example being Rolling Stone. Yeah, it sucks for those who are inconvenienced, but when you’re digital sharecropping, the proverbial Sword of Damocles is always present. It’s right there in the TOS – for those those bloggers who host their content on WordPress, YouTube, or Blogger – your account can be deleted at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all. If you want more control, stop using Reddit, buy a domain name and hosting, and host your community on your own domain on your own server. Most of Reddit is open source, so copying the Reddit community structure for your own domain should be fairly straitforward. It’s just weird how I’m defending Ellen Pao, but that’s only because the SJWs are worse.

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Why The Left Wants Reddit To Fail

The left is elated over the recent shake-up of Reddit in which Victoria Taylor – the ‘verifier’ of celebrity AMAs (ask me anythings) – was inexplicably fired, resulting in the shutdown of several sub-Reddits in solidarity, rendering large portions of the site inaccessible. A more detailed explanation can be found here, in which I took a screenshot in case the thread gets locked or deleted. Forbes.com also sheds light on the situation, as well as an in-depth article by Business Insider.

I guess my question is why Reddit didn’t have an immediate replacement to handle celebrity AMAs instead of leaving the moderators unprepared? Had management been more careful, perhaps no one would have noticed. It could also be that the moderators of /r/IAmA were the first to know about this (having been told the news by Victoria Taylor), locking /r/IAmA in protest. The whole thing just reeks of sloppiness by Reddit for not doing a better job keeping this under wraps and not having an immediate replacement.

But why would the left be happy about this? Isn’t Reddit supposed a liberal site?

Reddit was predominately liberal up until around 2012 – but then there was the cataclysmic convergence of three factors that pushed the site to the right:

Fist, the stock market began to boom. The S&P 500 surged 33%! in 2014 alone and another 10% in 2014. The US economy, having brushed off the overblown sequester and fiscal cliff (which the Democrats instigated) not only recovered to new highs – but is running circles around the rest of the world, with a wealth creation boom that continues to this day. High-IQ, rich foreigners are buying America’s most expensive real estate, buying up America’s debt, and flooding America’s most prestigious companies and institutions of higher learning with applicants. This has made the liberal narrative of egalitarianism and wealth-redistribution obsolete. The millennials, who make up most of Reddit’s user base, saw the failure of OWS, the failure of the banking problem to user a ‘post America’ era, and the uninterrupted rise of the cognitive and financial 1%, so rather than resist they want a piece of the action. It’s advantageous to aspire to be like the rich than fight them, and with the stock market surging and with the web 2.0 boom, getting rich has never been easier. Being rich and smart like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is the cool thing to be – not poor, angry and liberal. The world has also gotten a lot safer, in agreement with Steven Pinker’s thesis, which makes the crisis-seeking left angry, although this trend predates Reddit by many decades.

Millions of millennials, many of whom voted for Obama and had high hopes over the ‘change’ he promised, were letdown by the perpetually bad labor market and how healthcare and tuition costs have remained high. This disillusionment, along with Obama (rightfully) being deemed an ineffectual, inept leader caused many millennials who originally identified as ‘liberal’ to change their thinking and embrace (from the left) some combination of Eliminative Materialism, Effective Altrutism, Neo Liberalism, Classical Liberalism, or Utilitarianism (in contrast to welfare liberalism) – but also niche right-of-center ideologies such as Red Pill, MGTOW, Internet Libertarianism, Minarchism, Atheist Conservatism, The Pragmatic/Rationalist Right, HBD, Dark Enlightenment, Peter Singer Conservatives, Objectivism, Conservative Minimalism, Darwinian Conservatism, and the resurgence of Neo Conservatism, the later especially aided by the strong economy. Especially since 2008, nerd culture has gone mainstream, along with the celebritization of STEM, as further refutation of the political correctness that shaped much of the 90′s. As opposed to liberals, who tend to use emotion and wishful thinking, nerds use facts and logic – often making a lot of money, too. Millions of well-educated young people are trying to make sense of the post-2008 economy and are seeking explanations – even if the truth doesn’t come in nice, politically correct packaging – by nerds, wonks, quants and other smart people who tell the unvarnished truth and don’t care about sparing feelings. The result is that themes of HBD/biological determinism, in contrast to themes of the perfectibility of man by the paternalistic welfare state, are prevalent all over Reddit – and this is even spilling over to mainstream discourse. You can see evidence of this shift – of how Malcolm Gladwell, for example, is no long ‘hip’ on Reddit. That’s because Reddit users, who tend to be smarter than average, see through his pseudoscience poppycock (although he’s still quite popular among those on the left-side of the Bell Curve).

Most importantly, Reddit, through the rise of Red Pill and other ideologies (as mentioned above), has been instrumental in the post-2013 decline of the SJW narrative, with examples such as Gamergate, Shirtgate, and the UVA rape hoax – all in 2014 alone – ending badly for the SJW left. Posts with anti-SJW, men’s rights themes often receive thousands of up-votes and supportive comments, going viral on the homepage of Reddit and on its meme/image host Imgur. Other instances include many Reddit users siding with the police and Darren Wilson after the justified killing of Michael Brown and the riots that ensued.

As an example of how the SJWs are losing – of how unpopular they really are among the general population, in a recent AMA with Jesse Jackson, this was the most up-voted comment:

“How is your relationship with the illegitimate child you fathered in 1998 while cheating on your wife? Bonus question: How much money have you extorted from various people and companies over the years of practicing your shakedown scheme? Do you think Al Capone would be jealous of your business model if he were still alive?”

By trying to shutdown Reddit and turning Victoria Taylor into yet another ‘victim’ of the imagined ‘tech patriarchy’, the crybabies on the left are having a field day, inconveniencing millions of users and advertisers – kinda like a kid having a tantrum at a restaurant while everyone else just wants to eat in peace and quiet. If the welfare/SJW left, who claim to be ‘champions’ of free speech, cannot have Reddit on their terms, no one can use Reddit.

The Pursuit of the Truth

By in large, Ivy League students are smarter in terms of IQ and SAT scores than students from no-name schools. As much as the left whines about cronyism and nepotism in the Ivy League, dull kids typically don’t get into those schools, period (although of course many smart kids don’t go to the Ivy League). Only a tiny, tiny percentage of admissions are legacies and unlike the Harvard of the 30′s, the vast majority of students come from the middle class. They even have very generous financial aid, but the left still wants to believe the Ivy League is an old boy network because the left will never accept that some people are biologically better than others, so they look for environmental excuses (money, cronyism, noepotism) to explain away individual exceptionalism. Like STEM majors, Ivy Leage graduates are more valuable people, and many of them become the technology and business leaders of tomorrow, which goes against the liberal ideal of egalitarianism. The left wants to believe the Ivy League is worthless and or that non-STEM majors are just as important as STEM – not true. I would also lump economics and finance into STEM since both of those majors involve advanced math, have a lot of prestige, and pay well? Speaking of prestige, a Reddit ask-me-anything by three female computer scientists form MIT got a whopping 3,000 comments in just a few hours – more comments and up-votes than even A-list celebrities. Had they been three female SJWs from a no-name school, the post would have been down-voted to oblivion because of the post-2013 backlash against welfare liberalism, with heaps of insults in the comment section. Or if they have been three female psychology majors from a no-name school, there would have been hardly any response. See what happened is up until around 2013 the SJWs had the upper-hand, but then with the 40% 2013-2014 rise in the stock market, combined with a social shift towards neoliberalism and neo conservatism, the SJWs are losing. It also doesn’t help that they fabricate stories (Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax), defend child molesters (Lena Dunham), defame a legendary entertainer beloved by millions (Bill Cosby), attack gamers (Gamergate) or attack a brilliant scientist (Shirtgate). With scientific rationalism making a huge surge since 2013, the SJWs method of lies and outbursts of emotion have become ineffective; everyone sees through the crap, to put it bluntly. People who originally voted for Obama or are apolitical are against Rolling Stone. The good news is Rolling Stone, like the rest of the liberal media, is becoming irrelevant and soon to be extinct. To paraphrase a smart person, anyone who has a future and is smart is not reading Rolling Stone. As opposed to the sentimental and sensationalist MSM, the smartest generation gets the unvarnished truth from sites like Reddit, 4chan, ycombinator (Hacker News) or Pornhub – sites that care more about the pursuit of knowledge and empiricism than disseminating lies dressed up as news stories and opinions (like how smart people are irrational or how IQ is not important) that affirm pre-existing liberal beliefs, but are otherwise completely wrong (wrong about how IQ is not important). On Reddit and 4chan, for example, it’s not taboo to write that Martin Luther King was an adulterer and that Mahatma Gandhi slept nude with 12-year-old girls; in fact, such comments are welcomed because the pursuit of the truth is does not always lead one down the path of political correctness, and the MSM on both the left and the right is suppressing this discomforting information about our most ‘beloved’ heroes, much like how zealots and fanatics whitewash history.

Smart People On Reddit Giving Police Benefit of Doubt

Reddit, to their credit, is showing their support for the police, as shown by up-voting 10,000 times this imgur post about how, contrary to liberal belief, police stop blacks not out of racial prejudice but because genuine infractions were made, and that the proper course of action is to not become combative and assume racial profiling but to cooperate with the police, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for both parties. Walter Scott’s mistake was running away, making himself a threat and a target, as well as making his guilt obvious.