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The Daily View: In a Loop, MGTOW, and The Elite

From Amerika.org Which way, dissident Right?

Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that myself and others covered 20 years ago, and while that is great, it has become preaching to the choir. We either take the next step or vanish in irrelevance.

It would seem like certain aspects of the alt right are in a loop, going in circles. Malcolm Pollock expresses similar sentiments, in which he tires of repeating the same stuff over an over. The problem is with any organization, be it a corporation, non-profit, or a movement, promotion is by espousing an opinion that closest aligns with everyone else (sorta like a linear regression model), but then others also do this, too, and it becomes self-reinforcing as the outward plots move towards the line, and then the line is re-drawn again, ad infinitum. From a game-theory standpoint, this is the optimal strategy (if promotion is what one seeks), but it tends to result in repetition due to others copying the strategy.

The American Elite Hates America

They shouldn’t wish to associate with us (ordinary Americans). We’re good for consumer spending and little else. The elite are only acting in their best interests, and secondly, NRx should not be populist. I would much prefer right-wing elitists over left-wing ones, but neither are egalitarian. An NRx monarchy, or any monarchy, by definition, would be ‘elite’. Due to the recent rise of populism and general cynicism over American government, the word ‘elite’ has negative connotations, it doesn’t have to be that way. The ‘elite’ should be those who are the most competent to rule, as under a technocracy or meritocracy. Right now we have situation where, by in large, the unqualified are the in change and are the ‘elite’.

Most of academia hates America. If you told them that in fifty years America will possess a world culture and that those with European ancestry will be an oppressed minority, a huge celebration would take place in universities throughout the country

With the exception of STEM, this is true.

Most feminists, social justice warriors, liberals, and even conservatives hate America. The entire range of the political spectrum have been infiltrated and corrupted by those who want to give an unholy death to traditional American values. Consumerism, nihilism, and Islamic and Mexican interests will take over instead.

But these are not the elite; they are lackeys. The elite, interestingly, are not the most radicalized. The elite tend to be centrist (think Bill & Hillary Clinton), neoliberal, or pragmatic. Upending the status quo would cause them (the elite) to lose money and influence, and while they may seek reform, their approach is incrementalist. SJWs, on the other hand, are low-information and seek crisis so the economy fails and Marxism can be phased in. The elite have the most to lose should there be crisis and upheaval, and hence seek self-preservation.

Nihilism, like Postmodernism, is a word that is thrown around a lot (sorta as a catch-all for all that is bad in the world) but not really understood that well. As I discuss, instead of nihilism, it’s more like fatalism or predestination. The latter are compatible with some of the more HBD-variants of the ‘alt right’ who believe that genes, which are predetermined, affect socioeconomic outcomes.

Most Silicon Valley technologists hate America. They create apps and devices that are tearing apart the social fabric of family and tribe while hurting the middle class. Then they use their newfound billions in wealth to agitate for gay marriage, transsexual rights, and open borders.

Hmm..seems like Roosh is parroting the anti-technology left, albeit from the ‘right’ instead of the ‘left’. How does Uber ‘tear apart’ families? Thousands of people are making a living with gig jobs on Task Rabbit or Fiverr, and although these jobs may not pay well, they provide income opportunities for people who may otherwise be destitute. The middle class and the “American dream’, for better or worse, is being redefined. It means traditional jobs are being replaced by temporary work, where people are paid for the economic value they produce – not for merely ‘showing up’ – and are personally accountable for whether they succeed or fail, instead of a big, nameless company being accountable.

If a corporatocracy involving, say, the biggest Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon ran the country, it would probably be very efficient but possibly dehumanizing. It would be like Dubai but instead of oil, the economy would be run by apps, websites, and intellectual property. There would probably be a lot of social justice – or less, with discrimination suits no longer an issue now that the companies control the courts and the rest of the government.

For example, have you noticed that men’s rights activists are constantly attacked while the men going their own way group (MGTOW) is not, and even discussed sympathetically? It’s because the latter group promotes social isolation and reproductive sterility, which matches the establishment’s depopulation agenda. On the other hand, white nationalists are being roundly attacked through the proxy of Donald Trump. Therefore the latter group must have at least some ideas which strengthen America.

The rise of MGTOW is in response to recent social changes and to a more cut-throat, expensive economy where rent vast exceeds inflation, where jobs are increasingly scarce, and stable relationship are not only nearly impossible, but too expensive. It’s easier for men to live alone, embracing minimalism, than to trying to emulate their baby boomer parents’ expensive lifestyles. Millennials are more interested in intellectual wealth (math, coding, physics, philosophy, etc), not ostentatious materialism (big house, flashy car, Rolex, etc).

There are seven billion people in the world, so I don’t think the natalists have to worry about losing to the anti-natalists anytime soon. Instead of more humans, we need higher-quality ones.

Why Millennials Are Still Living With Their Parents

From the American Interest: Why Millennials Are Still Living with Their Parents

Pew’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data finds that in spite of an improved labor market, “the nation’s 18- to 34-year-olds are less likely to be living independently of their families and establishing their own households today than they were in the depths of the Great Recession.”

The unemployment rate for 18- to 34-year-olds has decreased from its 2010 peak, while median weekly earnings for workers in that age group have risen marginally from a 2012 nadir. Yet the share of young adults living independently — that is, “in a household headed by the adult, his or her spouse or unmarried partner, or some other person not related to the adult” — was 67 percent in the first four months of 2015, down from 69 percent in 2010 and 71 percent in 2007. Likewise, 26 percent of young adults were living in a parent’s home in the first third of this year, up from 24 percent in 2010 and 22 percent in 2007.

Falling incomes:

But more specifically, since 2011 income has been falling relative to rent and home prices:

Despite the bond market alluding to low inflation, the same can’t be said for rents, especially in the Bay Area, Seattle, and New York:

That’s why it’s smart that millennials are living with their parents longer, using the saved $ to eventually buy a home instead of making the landlord rich. It’s not immaturity – it’s adaptation.

Over the long-run, buying is better than renting…this especially true in regions where homes prices are rapidly appreciating, such as in the Bay Area.

Source: When Buying Is Better Than Renting. . .

A generation ago, all too many people were caught up in the idea of independence as in location independence, but millennials care more about financial independence, even if that means living with parents longer to secure a better financial future by using the saved money & time to buy a home, invest in stocks, or learn high-paying skills. Stock and home prices have risen markedly since 2011, and will continue to do so; why make other people rich when you can be doing so yourself?

In regard to MGTOW, since MGTOW is both a philosophy and a lifestyle, you can be MGTOW and live with your parents. If you’re 20 and have a crappy job making $1500 a month after taxes, if that money goes in your pocket instead of to a landlord or a needy girlfriend, after 5 years you will have $90,000 – enough to put a down-payment on a decent home, or even buy one outright. Thus in exchange for the temporary inconvenience of living with your parents, later you will have the financial means to ‘go your own way’ physically, too. Millennials know that the way your achieve financial independence in an increasingly competitive economy is to look out for number one – yourself – before all others.

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In Defense of MGTOW, Part 2

Matt Forney’s anti-MGTOW article is going viral.

There are better targets – from feminists, to SJWs, to overpaid liberal arts professors – than MGTOW which, with the exception of some issues, is ideologically aligned with the Red Pill hegemony, and in many topics – such as feminism, political correctness, SJWs, or economics – MGTOW is almost indistinguishable from Red Pill. But the MGTOW choose a different, perhaps more introverted way of life and are less interested in ‘hooking up’ or ‘game’, and this is where the acrimony arises, reminiscent of the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry of the 90′s where you have two groups that are fundamentally the same, but are constantly at each other’s throats over some small matters that got blown out of proportion.

I find the acronym MGTOW useful as a way of codifying a lifestyle and philosophy that eschews political correctness and other societal norms to instead ‘go your own way’ – both physically (to live as a self-sufficient individual) and philosophically (to believe in empirical reality as a guiding principle of life). This is similar to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, which states that one’s moral purpose of life is to pursue happiness and fulfillment in a free-market system, that knowledge and understanding is attained through sensory perception, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning – not faith or mysticism. The decision to ‘go your own way’ arises after one realizes that the empirical reality doesn’t align with the politically correct narratives that they were brought-up believing, so it behooves the intrepid and the curious to seek the truth and in doing so you ‘go your own way’. But for men who are living with their parents, in college, or renting and don’t yet have the financial means to ‘go their own way’ in the physical sense, MGTOW can also be a state of mind, similar to how Red Pill is both a philosophy and a lifestyle.

MGTOWs aren’t interested in dating not because of misogyny or because we’re ‘losers’, but because MGTOW is based on choosing empirical reality over societal norms, and the immutable biological differences between men and women, which is based on empirical evidence and scientific fact, makes meaningful relationships difficult. This biological friction, as well as the ‘misandry/Gynocentrism bubble’, is why so many men find themselves dragged through the mud of life-draining relationships. MGTOWs, who see men touch the stove and get burned, know not to touch the stove. Sometimes it’s better not to play if the game is rigged.

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In Defense of MGTOW

A video by Aaron critical of MGTOW

I agree with 90% of what Aaron writes, including his views on STEM, free market capitalism, feminism, SJWs, religion, etc – but disagree with his opinions on MGTOW, about how he says the stock market is a bubble inflated by QE, and about the fed. But 90% is a lot, and disagreeing is a sign that you at least critically analysed the opposing person’s views. But I think he’s kinda putting the pussy on a pedestal, which is a liberal thing to do.

I like the idea of going your own way, choosing to break free from the grip of political correctness and society’s norms. Can you be MGTOW and live with your parents? I think so, as many 20-30 year-old men are doing just that to save money due to nosebleed rent that vastly exceeds inflation. If you live with with your parents you can easily save $500-$1500 a month, depending on your region.

From CNBC, rent will keep going up even as inflation is supposed to be very low:

Renting has gotten increasingly expensive over the last five years. The average U.S. rent has climbed 14 percent to $1,124 since 2010, according to commercial property tracker Reis Inc. That’s four percentage points faster than inflation, and more than double the rise in U.S. home prices over the same period.

You can also be MGTOW and choose not have a dating life, or choose to play video games and surf the web during the day, or choose not to work-out, or choose not to go clubbing – and it does’t make you a loser, a misogynist or a coward. It makes you smart and proactive. The MGTOW don’t want to make the same mistakes they see older people make, of getting involved with women who will rob them through the courts, leaving them with kids they don’t want and years of child support. Look at all the money Phil Collins has lost due to divorces, to women who did nothing of commensurate value to earn so much of his wealth. You don’t need to touch the stove and get burned to know it’s hot, especially when you see people getting burned. Maybe some people find surfing the web and watching movies to be more fun than riding motorcycles. To each his own.

Plus, in the post-2008 era, being a nerd is kinda cool, unlike as recently as ten years ago. And whether it’s through web 2.0, stocks, STEM, or expensive real estate, nerds are the ones making all the money in this hyper-competitive economy where intellect is more valued than ever. And women are increasingly preferring ‘beta‘ guys, not only because of the post-2008 rise of nerd culture, but because beta males tend earn more money.

Furthermore, a typical woman is less intelligent than a typical man; women are less logical than men; and women tend to be materialistic, irascible, and driven by emotion. This is backed by science, and it isn’t misogynistic. From Wikipedia:

Several meta-studies by Richard Lynn between 1994 and 2005 found mean IQ of men exceeding that of women by a range of 3–5 points.[18][19][20][21] Lynn’s findings were debated in a series of articles for Nature.[22][23] Jackson and Rushton found males aged 17–18 years had average of 3.63 IQ points in excess of their female equivalents.[24] A 2005 study by Helmuth Nyborg found an average advantage for males of 3.8 IQ points.[25] One study concluded that after controlling for sociodemographic and health variables, “gender differences tended to disappear on tests for which there was a male advantage and to magnify on tests for which there was a female advantage.”[26] A

And women have less variance of IQ (a more pointed Bell Curve):

A 2005 study by Ian Deary, Paul Irwing, Geoff Der, and Timothy Bates, focusing on the ASVAB showed a significantly higher variance in male scores, resulting in more than twice as many men as women scoring in the top 2%. The study also found a very small (d’ ≈ 0.07, less than 7%, of a standard deviation) average male advantage in g.[17] A 2006 study by Rosalind Arden and Robert Plomin focused on children aged 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10 and stated that there was greater variance “among boys at every age except age two despite the girls’ mean advantage from ages two to seven. Girls are significantly over-represented, as measured by chi-square tests, at the high tail and boys at the low tail at ages 2, 3 and 4. By age 10 the boys have a higher mean, greater variance and are over-represented in the high tail.”[38

That’s why women tend to gravitate towards low-IQ majors such as child development.

Given these immutable cognitive differences between the sexes, with men being more intelligent and rational than women, is it any mystery the divorce rate is so high? Or why so many men are dropping out and ‘going their own way’?

And finally, the weakest part of the video is where Aaron makes an issue out of the physical appearance of MGTOW members. That is a textbook example of the ad hominem fallacy.

Again, going your own away is most importantly about personal freedom, but it’s also about free markets, being your own man, and the use of scientific empiricism to repudiate political correctness.


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