The Daily View: ‘Longest Depression’, Basic Income, Pinterest

From Huffingtonpost: Future Economists Will Probably Call This Decade the ‘Longest Depression’ Sounds like goalpost moving, where slightly mediocre growth becomes a ‘depression’. The 2008 recession, while deep and sudden, was narrow, only lasting about 16 months until growth picked up, where it has remained….

Uber Worth $50 Billion, Leaves Doubters in the Dust

Uber is now worth $50 billion What happened to the California ruling that was supposed to be the demise of Uber? It was way overblown, the pertinent details ignored in the leftist anti-Uber cacophony. Obviously, Uber can’t make every driver an employee, and no judge…

Sorry Liberals, Uber Is Not Going Away

The left is celebrating the possibility of Uber going away stemming from an allegedly large operating loss and a recent California ‘ruling’. The left has hated Uber since its inception, accusing the wildly successful company of exploiting its drivers and undercutting the staid cab cartel….