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There is No Systemic ‘War on Blacks’ by Police

The evidence suggests blacks are responsible for most crime, which could explain why they are stopped and incarcerated at a higher rate than whites, as I explain in the post He Fit the Description:

It’s incontrovertible…the data shows that blacks commit most of the crimes. The left wants stops in proportion to the population, not the rate of crime. According to the left, since whites are 35% of the population, they should be 35% of the stops despite the fact they only commit 5% of all violent crimes. That sounds like bad policy.

Another good summary, by Daily Wire 5 Statistics You Need To Know About Cops Killing Blacks:

1. Cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or “were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force,” according to MacDonald in a speech at Hillsdale College.

Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 13 percent of the population. But as MacDonald writes in The Wall Street Journal, 2009 statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties.

If BLM really cared about saving lives, it would focus on black-on-black and black-on-white crimes, which claim far more lives than white-on-black crimes or police-on-black deaths. The problem is not the police or ‘institutional racism’; the problem is dysfunction within the black community. Vastly more blacks die at the hands of other blacks than the police:

Whites are slightly more likely to be killed during arrest than blacks:

Of course, when whites or Hispanics are killed by blacks or by the police, it gets far less media attention:

how, the shooting of an unarmed white man by police isn’t drawing any attention from the mainstream media.

Unlike the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which have created yet another firestorm complete with accusations of police racism, the media is ignoring the death of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old white man, on June 25.

With white deaths, there are no cute pictures of the victim when he was a ‘youth’, no protests, and no statements by the president.

It doesn’t help the BLM cause that blacks are also more likely to open fire on police:

The police believed Alton Sterling posed a sufficient threat to their lives, as there is evidence he was armed and was reaching for his gun as he was being apprehended. More details on this will emerge as the investigation gets underway. Even if it was a wrongful death, that doesn’t change the fact that blacks are still far more likely to die at the hands of other blacks than the police or whites. Or that black deaths by other blacks receive far less media attention. The left is impervious to reason, logic, and empirical evidence.

From AIM: Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt

Finally, black-on-white crime is substantially greater than the reverse. The table below shows murders by race of offender and victim in 2013. Note that overall, blacks kill as often as whites, although blacks represent only 13 percent of the population. Note also that black-on-white murder is more than double the rate of white-on-black murder (409 to 189). Similar results were found for 2012, 2011, 2010 and prior years.

Let’s look at the other side now. In 2013 alone, 49,851 officers were assaulted with firearms, knives and other weapons. Over the past 10 years, on average, 150 police officers have been killed in the line of duty every year. Fifty-seven of these were shot, stabbed, strangled or beaten. Of the 509 officers feloniously killed in the past 10 years, 46 percent of the perpetrators were black, despite their representing only 13 percent of the population. Do we call this a black war against the police?

From Brietbart: 5 Devastating Facts About Black-on-Black Crime:

FACT 1. Over 1,400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968.

FACT 3. Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.

FACT 5. It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone.

The biggest threat to black lives are other blacks. This is the reality the left refuses to accept.

And from Research Gate:No evidence of racial discrimination in criminal justice processing: Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

Although African American males are arrested, convicted, and incarcerated at rates that far exceed those of any other racial or ethnic group, when adjusting for IQ the disparity nearly vanishes:

As discussed yesterday, on IQ tests African Americans tend to score lower than Whites, and low IQs tend to be linked with criminality, from the study:

For those easily offended by biological reality, as the police say, ‘just the facts ma’am.’

The Daily View 3/8/2016

Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework

And the Reddit discussion, which is more valuable than the article.

A common thread among commenters, growing up, is that homework was tedious and useless, yet scored high on tests, which is a common trait among smart people, who tend to test well. Salon is right, and I recommend homework be replaced with competency tests, which would not be as heavily influenced by patents nor waste hours of time. Or base grades only on tests. This is similar to the solution proposed to replace costly, time-consuming college diplomas with SAT and IQ tests, which are more accurate at assessing learning potential. Employers want employees who can learn quickly, and IQ and learning speed and job performance are highly correlated.

America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality

Black people are twice as likely as white people to be out of work and looking for a job. This fact was as true in 1954 as it is today.

That’s what happens when an achievement gap is an IQ gap. War on poverty, civil rights movement, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on public education, entitlement spending, and other programs have not closed the crime gap, incarceration gap, nor the achievement gap. This is discussed in more detail here, here, here, and here.

How low will interest rates go?

They are going much lower. Would not surprise me to see the 10-yr bond go to .4% should the US economy enter another recession. All it takes is some weak data or the market falling a bit, and those bond yields drop like a stone. Low rates good for homeowners. James is right about deflation, not inflation, being in store for the future.

As more evidence of a SJW-backlash, Time magazine, a liberal publication, is being ridiculed on Twitter for putting Evelyn Waugh on a list of female writers. This also helps dispel the myth that liberals are more educated than conservatives.

It’s the left who are against web 2.0, calling it a ‘bubble‘ and ‘racist‘, when neither are true.

I mean, it wasn’t exactly the price. A mutual fund valuation committee’s decision that, say, Zenefits is worth 30 percent less than it was a few months ago doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone bought or sold shares at the new lower price.

Exactly. Fidelity and T. Rowe Price ‘markdowns’ are NOT the same as shares changing hands at a lower price, and there is no evidence shares of the hottest, most successful web 2.0 companies have done so. Valuations for Snapchat, Uber, Air BNB, and Pinterest keep rising. Only low-quality start-ups have seen valuations fall. Not a single web 2.0 company or stock I have praised has done poorly, and my predictions keep being right over and over, owing to my extensive knowledge about the consumer internet technology industry.

Related: Not Worried About Tech Valuations: Why It May Be Different This Time

Why he left

Why are so many smart people such idiots about philosophy?

Philosophy is important for more than just a while, and has serious, practical uses for all of society. There are countless examples of philosophy of mind theories’ relevance to neuroscientists, or cases where political philosophers have shaped politicians.
Historically, physics and mathematics have often overlapped with philosophy, and many great scientists engaged with philosophers to advance their own thinking. (Einstein’s work can be studied alongside that of Kant, for example.) The physicist behind the theory of relativity was also a philosopher of science and, as Hall points out, Einstein reconfigured our concepts of space and time—itself a philosophical undertaking.

This is further evidence we’re in a philosophy ‘boom’, with philosophy almost becoming a ‘STEM’ subject, with applications ranging from computer science, to quantum physics, to neurology.

Related: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Philosophy

And from Nerd Culture: Here to Stay:

I actually thing we’re in a philosophy boom, with recent developments in quantum mechanics and the synthesis between the two subjects. There is a lot of research in this area, about quantum mechanics, thought experiments (Chinese room), turing tests, complexity/computational theory of mind (Bostrom simulation argument, singularity) and connection to free will and other philosophical concepts. Philosophy becoming more STEM-like

He’s right: Learn To Code, It’s Harder Than You Think

All the evidence shows that programming requires a high level of aptitude that only a small percentage of the population possess. The current fad for short learn-to-code courses is selling people a lie and will do nothing to help the skills shortage for professional programmers.

It’s hard enough teaching kids algebra, let along coding, which is many magnitudes harder. And, no, HTML or ‘drag-and-drop’ doesn’t count.

People who are good at coding are ‘wired for success’ in today’s economy and will continue to earn more money than most people. Coding is the ‘new literacy’, but a lot harder and pays much more.

This story about being a fat passenger on a plane went viral. The viralness is evidence of the power of stories and narratives over consumerism and low-information pandering, even though I don’t agree with the article.

Southwest famously let director Kevin Smith board, then publicly escorted him off the plane for looking too fat for his seat. United will refuse to board you unless you agree to purchase an additional ticket at the day-of price, and who has $600 to spare? I check first class prices, where seats are slightly wider and put me at less risk of passenger complaints. $1000. I move on.

If you can afford to overeat, you can afford to buy an extra seat. I’m sure you pay in other ways such as an increased food bill, higher insurance premiums, and more doctor visits for obesity-related health problems. If you were really concerned about saving money, you would lose weight.

In that way, air travel is sadly familiar, a microcosm of what happens so often as a fat person. I am watched — and judged harshly — as I try — and fail — to fit into a space that was made for someone else.

This is part of the culture of ‘self’, where personal problems becomes vectors for sympathy and status seeking. It’s not the same as narcissism since this is often used in self-deprecating manner.

Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweet

Trump’s ‘racist’ tweet is going viral:

Everyone knows what Trump meant, which is that black-on-black crime is very high and that white-on-black crime is very low.

Some have argued that the tweet was intentionally wrong in order to get the media and people talking about the real statistics, which are still pretty bad:

Whites Killed by Blacks – 14.8%
Whites Killed by Whites – 82.4%
Blacks killed by Blacks – 90%
Blacks killed by Whites – 7.6%
Blacks (14.3% of USA Population) commit 47% of all murders in the USA.

For these stats, Hispanics and Asians are categorized as ‘white’.

Thomas Sowell on The Bell Curve

In his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Sowell blames ‘redneck’ culture for black dysfunction, arguing that white culture made blacks dysfunctional:

What the [white] rednecks or crackers brought with them across the ocean was a whole constellation of attitudes, values, and behavior patterns that might have made sense in the world in which they had lived for centuries, but which would prove to be counterproductive in the world to which they were going — and counterproductive to the blacks who would live in their midst for centuries before emerging into freedom and migrating to the great urban centers of the United States, taking with them similar values.

The cultural values and social patterns prevalent among Southern whites included an aversion to work, proneness to violence, neglect of education, sexual promiscuity, improvidence, drunkenness, lack of entrepreneurship, reckless searches for excitement, a lively music and dance, and a style of religious oratory marked by strident rhetoric, unbridled emotions, and flamboyant imagery. This oratorical style carried over into the political oratory of the region in both the Jim Crow era and the civil rights era, and has continued on into our own times among black politicians, preachers, and activists. Touchy pride, vanity, and boastful self-dramatization were also part of this redneck culture among people from regions of Britain where the civilization was the least developed.[25]

Yeah, redneck inventions like Rap Music keeping blacks down lol. It’s just laughable.

Sowell has voiced criticism of the The Bell Curve, writing:

[Herrnstein and Murray] seem to conclude… that… biological inheritance of IQ… among members of the general society may also explain IQ differences between different racial and ethnic groups…. Such a conclusion goes… much beyond what the facts will support….continued

There are some flaws in his analysis:

1. Little is known about these WW1 military competency tests, and we can’t assume as Sowell does that it’s equivalent to modern IQ tests.

2. According to a multitude of studies, the black-white IQ gap is persistent, even to this day.

3. Studies have also shown IQ tests are not culturally biased.

4. Sowell moves the goalposts, deflecting attention away from blacks and onto Jews, arguing that if Jews saw an IQ rise, then so must blacks and therefore the book is invalid.

Perhaps the most dramatic changes were those in the mental test performances of Jews in the United States. The results of World War I mental tests conducted among American soldiers born in Russia–the great majority of whom were Jews–showed such low scores as to cause Carl Brigham, creator of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, to declare that these results “disprove the popular belief that the Jew is highly intelligent.” Within a decade, however, Jews in the United States were scoring above the national average on mental tests, and the data in The Bell Curve indicate that they are now far above the national average in IQ.

5. The above is an example of the fallacy of composition – that Russian Jews who served in WW1 are the same as all Jews. There could be a selection bias here in that Jews who were less intelligent fought in the war, whereas more intelligent Jews went school or business and would not be included in the WW1 testing sample. Jews ‘in the united states’ may not be the same as those Russian Jews in WW1, yet Sowell lumps them together. There is no distinction between Ashkenazi Jews, who are smarter, versus Sephardi. Hitler supposedly banned IQ tests, presumably because Jews scored too high?

No-one as yet however has found any documentation of a formal ban by the Nazis. It seems that the tests were frowned on by the Nazis rather than banned outright—which is also broadly true of today’s Left of course. And there was certainly some acceptance of the greater intelligence of Jews in prewar Germany.

This was in the late 30′s, just two decades after WW1, so in accordance with Sowell’s thesis those Jews sure got smart fast. Same for the Manhattan Project, in the early 40′s, predominately involved Jewish scientists.

Sowell seems to be subscribing to the ‘magic dirt‘ thesis that Jews suddenly wised up upon stepping foot on America’s ‘magic dirt’.

Even if Jews saw gains in IQ, that doesn’t change the fact that blacks still lag, even after many decades despite billions spent on education and other programs.

Sowell is using Asians and Jews as pawns to advance his leftist views. Had the book not mentioned blacks, he would not have have taken issue with it.

6. Upper-income black children score as poorly on the SAT (a good proxy for IQ) as poor whites, which deals a blow to the left’s thesis that poverty is the cause of black underachievement:

Black-White IQ Gap Debate

In theoretical physics, there is a big debate over ‘mass gap’; in the world of HBD, the debate is over ‘IQ gap’, on Unz over blogger Chanda Chisala’s two articles which refute Africans have a lower IQ than whites:

The IQ Gap is no Longer a Black and White Issue
Closing the Black-White IQ Gap Debate, Part I

This is one of the ‘better’ rebuttals of HBD, which is probably why Unz posted it and why it has generated so much discussion. But there are still holes.

First point, the data of low-IQs in Africa has been corroborated by many studies, as summarized in Rushton’s influential paper
Race Differences in Cognitive Ability:

Most disputed is the validity of the low mean IQ scores reported for subSaharan
Africans. Lynn’s (1991) review of 11 studies found a mean IQ of 70. A
subsequent review of over two dozen studies by Lynn and Vanhanen (2002) found
an average IQ of 70 for West, Central, East, and Southern Africa. For example,
in Nigeria, Fahrmeier (1975) collected data on 375 children ages 6 to 13 years in
a study of the effects of schooling on cognitive development. The children’s mean
score on the Colored Progressive Matrices was 12 out of 36, which is at the 4th
percentile for 91⁄2-year-olds on U.S. norms, or an IQ equivalent of about 75
(Raven et al., 1990, pp. 97–98). In Ghana, Glewwe and Jacoby (1992) …

Second, the slowness of ‘reversion to the mean’ doesn’t disprove self-selection bias. Reversion to the mean is probably slow due to assortative mating, which is common among high-IQ individuals.

A commenter writes:

Anyway, given the high level of assortative mating for intelligence I am not confident that a large degree of regression to the mean would be predicted in any circumstance. Jensen seemed to think other wise, but I am not sure why. In Jensen and Rushton’s 2005 paper they seem to imply that significant regression is predicted because of epistatic effects with their metaphor about dice rolling. This is extremely odd given that the actual inheritance pattern behind the genetics of intelligence is usually thought to be extremely additive.

How much reversion or how quickly it occurs is hard to quantify exactly, but it exists. And slow reversion is insufficient to disprove Rushton’s IQ meta analysis; maybe Jensen is wrong, which is always a possibility.

The author continues…

What are the chances of a girl from a small minority group of immigrants whose home country is 2 standard deviations below the host country’s mean IQ achieving the best academic results in the host country? If the average IQ of SubSaharan African adults is equal to 11 year old Europeans, as their IQ scores estimate (Rushton, 2004), what are the chances that an African child of such adults would ever beat all European children in academic achievement?

Statistically, the chances are technically more than zero, which is why it occasionally happens. No one in the HBD community would say it’s exactly zero.

Third, he’s over-generalizing the HBD community as being this monolithic group whose entire thesis hinges on whites being superior to blacks. Obviously, he hasn’t read many HBD blogs, because HBD is more nuanced with a focus on data and empiricism over race-based zealotry. IQ is an accurate predictor of socioeconomic outcomes, with lower-IQ people being over-represented in poverty, crime, welfare dependency, and other societal ills. And I also support policy such as more money for gifted education – for high-IQ individuals of all races – so as to not squander America’s most important resource: cognitive capital. The aforementioned statements alone are enough to elicit much mouth foaming from the ‘blank slate’ left, let alone introduce race.


Africans in the UK who have both low income and low wealth have children performing at the white average or even above (and as I will definitively prove in part 2, this is certainly true of African immigrants in America too).

‘African American elites’ is not to be conflated with self-selected African elites who study in Europe and America, the former who score poorer on IQ and achievement tests then the later. The later are selected by IQ; the former mostly by wealth. It’s smart Africans who are immigrating, not just rich Africans.


The fact that these high income blacks live in good neighborhoods with high quality schools should have indicated to policy makers that the solution for black children underachievement is not more spending on education or taking poor blacks to schools in better neighborhoods (since the ones already living in good neighborhoods still perform badly); it is not even about improving their incomes, clearly. But that would be in a world where policy is driven by cold logic and data rather than hot sentiments and ideology (from the left or the right).

I agree political correctness has resulted in ineffective policy, hence wasted resources. Both sides would rather repeat feel-good platitudes than deal with biological reality.


I actually know that the average African immigrants to the UK from any nation or tribe are not from the African elite class, economically or intellectually (even if there is a small segment from the super-professional class), as many people on both sides of the debate assume,

Anecdotal evidence does not refuse the aforementioned IQ studies, nor does it disprove self-selection bias. If these non-elite but high-IQ Africans were dumped back to their villages and towns in Africa, I’m sure they would feel socially awkward. To the author who is of above-average IQ, these other high-IQ Africans probably seem normal, but to the typical African they are not.

As the debate progresses, I’m skeptical the Race/IQ question will ever be answered to anyone’s satisfaction, but there is probably uniform agreement about the social implications of IQ.