The Jewish Question

A conspiracy would seem to suggest that all Jews are operating under a similar directive. But being over-represented in all areas of society does not imply a conspiracy unless it can be shown that they are all acting under a common goal, yet the fact that Jews not uncommonly take diametrically opposing views on all… Continue reading The Jewish Question

The class structure of America

I have been thinking about the social class structure/hierarchy in America. With the exception of the underclass, it’s not like one category is necessarily worse or ranks higher than another. For example, elites have the most power but the most responsibility and little autonomy. 1. Elites. As the title suggests, these people are at the… Continue reading The class structure of America

The contradictions of pragmatism

From New York Magazine Why the GOP Is Ideologically Lost Nevertheless, the ideological incoherence of the contemporary GOP is unusually severe. The Reaganites could not practice what they preached; post-Trump Republicans can’t settle on a catechism to hypocritically recite. The party has a set of unwavering transactional commitments (to reactionary billionaires, provincial capitalists, and the… Continue reading The contradictions of pragmatism

The Rise of the Professional Class

The trend of elites, but more broadly, the professional-class, pulling away and ahead of the working-class, began in earnest in 2008, after the financial crisis, when the wealth and education gap really exploded (such as the college wage premium, ballooning salaries for tech, finance, medical, legal jobs, etc., surging stock market, etc.). I call this… Continue reading The Rise of the Professional Class

Don’t Blame the Fed for Tesla’s Stock Surge

In response to a tweet by Robert Reich regarding Elon Musk’s wealth, Eric tweeted: Would you like to discuss this and related matters? I would be open. — Eric Weinstein (@EricRWeinstein) August 29, 2021 As people in the comments noted, the graph Eric chose was misleading: This jump in the graph is misleading… Continue reading Don’t Blame the Fed for Tesla’s Stock Surge

Infation and the national debt, not a concern yet

From Arnold Kling’s blog Tyler Cowen Disagrees with me about Inflation But for a variety of reasons, nowadays the inflation tax is not very useful (“Seigniorage returns from inflation are especially low in the contemporary environment”) as a source of revenue. And inflation is very, very unpopular (“The median voter hates inflation”). So the government’s… Continue reading Infation and the national debt, not a concern yet

The Trouble with Politics

I have been thinking about the decline of the alt-right, why it failed, and why right-wing political movements fail in general. In summary, grifters and hacks destroyed the dissident/alt-right. Conservatives/republicans destroy everything they touch…the tea party, the alt-right, gamergate, etc. Every single genuine grassroots movement has been destroyed by these people as soon as a… Continue reading The Trouble with Politics

A Market for Everyone

Form Moldbug’s Substack Circling” and nerd society While there is much to say for educational tracking, the minute anyone is placed in a “gifted” class (curiously, I got the exact same IQ score as the Unabomber), their tribal loyalty is transferred to nerd world. I even went to nerd camp—the whole nine yards That probably… Continue reading A Market for Everyone

The Declining Relevance of Cultural Institutions

In a viral essay, Richard Hanania asks Why is Everything Liberal?. He cites examples such as universities, schools, teachers, etc. being overwhelmingly liberal. But quantity is not the same size. Yes, the left has control of most of the cultural institutions, but the size and importance of those institutions relative to the overall economy and… Continue reading The Declining Relevance of Cultural Institutions