Geopolitical Recap & Predictions

There is a confluence of five major geopolitical events, all packed into one month:

French Election: not a big deal as far as the US economy is concerned, regardless of the outcome. Like Brexit, any volatility will be short-lived. No recession or crisis. The liberal pundits who are predicting crisis should LePenn win, will be wrong again as always (and of course, they won’t be held accountable for being wrong all the time, because their business model is turning fear and hype into ad revenue).

Syria: Ongoing conflict may boost oil prices, but overall, not a big deal as far the US economy is concerned. Trump’s odds of being impeached are lessened because the GOP-controlled House and Senate is behind Trump in supporting the airstrikes. Trump comes out ahead on this even though some of his alt-right supporters are not happy.

Russia: Trump will not ‘make Russia great again’ as so many hoped he would, sorry.

North Korea: Nothing happens. This is the 6th time North Korea has demonstrated its nuclear arsenal, going as far back as 2006, a and each time nothing happened. No reason to expect things to be different this time.

Turkey: There is no positive outcome for this referendum. A ‘yes’ vote means the power of a leader deemed by many as incompetent and unstable, is solidified; a ‘no’ vote means more political uncertainty and instability.