Nick is not gonna debate you Vox

I told you he’s not that smart>

This is pretty funny. Nick Fuentes keeps rebuking Vox Day’s invitation to debate him. Vox wants to debate Nick to prove how much intellectually superior he is, and or to pin Nick between a rock and hard place of having to either take a certain position on the Holocaust that puts his [Nick’s] YouTube channel, live chats, and other revenue streams at risk–or–risk be perceived as being ‘too moderate’ by not categorically denying or downplaying the Holocaust. There is no way for Nick to win but to NOT debate Vox, and thus Nick refuses to take the bait.

Vox has also put out numerous videos challenging Nick to debate him.

Vox is right to not talk to the media. But Vox is also presupposing his own moral and intellectual superiority by calling Nick a snake and ignorant. The precludes the possibility of any impartiality if you have already made a determination, before the debate has even started, that your opponent is intellectually disreputable. Vox says he has never watched any of Nick’s videos, but then how would he know if Nick said that “diversity is inevitable?” or his views on the holocaust? Regarding diversity being inevitable, Vox does not provide any proof Nick said such a thing. This seems like an uncharacteristic thing for Nick to say, and if he did say it, was probably taken out of context.

Furthermore, Nick has a huge platform and does not need to prove anything to Vox, and stands to gain little from doing so. I don’t deny that Vox is possibly smarter than Nick, and being 30 years older(!) much more informed (old enough to be his dad, to get an idea of the difference), but Nick is at least smart enough to know to that he has little to gain by debating Vox and the payoff is asymmetrical, tilted greatly in Vox’s favor. Nick’s YouTube live streams get 50,000 views. By comparison, Vox’s videos get only 6,000 views. Milo has a much bigger YouTube platform than Vox, and thus it is a much better use of Nick’s time to debate him than someone who has a much smaller platform and thus will generate a much smaller spill-over effect and effectively constitutes free PR for the lesser-known Vox against the more famous Nick. Nick is not going to debate Vox..not gonna happen.