The ’90s and now, part 11

Moreover, there’s much less civil unrest than decades ago, and much of the culture-warring is being waged online rather than in person. From the post Politics may seem bad now, but it used to be much worse: In the span of 150 years Americans fought a war over slavery to now a culture war over… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 11

Trump’s 2020 odds improve, but victory far from certain

Things have been slow on the news front lately. As I predicted 3 months ago, don’t expect much from the Trump administration until after the election, so we’re looking at 20 months minimum. Regarding Epstein, So a sleazy financier who everyone expected of being a pedophile is actually a pedophile…who knew. I predict there will… Continue reading Trump’s 2020 odds improve, but victory far from certain

Intellect as Social Currency

From Bloomberg, by Tyle Cowen I Want More Immigrants and a Census Citizenship Question: It’s obvious Tyler unapologetically and unconditionally supports more immigration, possibly even more so than most left-wing pundits and politicians, who support immigration but under the condition of including with reform. What is interesting (to me, at least) is how certain pundits… Continue reading Intellect as Social Currency

Capital rules the world

Online, strong opinions about issues such as immigration, the national debt, student loan debt, tariffs and China, internet privacy and surveillance, gun control, abortion, etc., are commonplace. Pundits such as Alex Jones go on long rants about the encroaching power of the state, about the overreach of CIA and FBI, about the ‘Chicoms’, and how… Continue reading Capital rules the world

The ’90s and now, part 10

But also, boomers tend to default to platitudes such as ‘democracy’, ‘ education’, and ‘voting’ as solutions to societal problems, whereas many of these woke (as in to be awake and aware, not necessarily left-wing as the definition is commonly understood) young people prefer alternative, potentially controversial and politically incorrect explanations and solutions to such… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 10

The ’90s and now, part 9

It’s not just math and science topics, but also matters of social and societal consequence that are being revivified thanks to the internet. For example, in 1995, the New York Times and The Washington Post acquiesced to Theodore Kaczynski’s demands to publish his infamous manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future, which lead to his capture… Continue reading The ’90s and now, part 9