The Blackpill Files, Part 3

Parts one and two

Related to this is a deep naïveté on the part of the blackpillers about how the political game is played and what needs to be said and done in order to get even the third or so of his agenda that a President can get through enacted. This may seem odd when describing people who take such joy in the edgy nihilism that blackpilling offers. Yet one anonymous critic on the My Posting Career forums got things exactly right when he noted:

Anti-dem keeps creating this strawman or misconstruction of alt-right people being obvious to the political process. They know that judges and Congress are a hindrance. Rather the annoyance is over things that are within Trump’s control such as cabinet appointments, as well as Trump’s failure to avail himself of all options. Trump has the biggest platform on the world right now. What is to stop him from Tweeting a link to Lauren Southern’s documentary Borderless, for example, or YouTube’s attempt at suppressing it. Or the Project Veritas video exposing Google’s attempt at preventing a “Trump situation” in 2020, or tweeting about Reddit quarantining /r/the_Donald? If your answer is “muh respectability, muh optics”, then you deserve the outcome that you will inevitably be complaining about in 4-8 years.

This political tone-deafness has led the alt-right to disaster after disaster, such as “Heilgate” and the infamous Charlottesville rally, from which they have consistently refused to learn a damn thing.

Why does the right always need to apologize? Does the left ever apologize?

Evidence of it was also seen in their hostile reaction to the President’s 2019 State of the Union address, in which nice things said about legal immigrants…

I’m not even that far to the right and I find the pandering to ‘legal’ immigrantion to be annoying.

The upshot is that the blackpillers of the alt-right have been losers at the political game for decades because they don’t know how to play it, or even seem to see why they should have to. They consistently overestimate both their numbers and their intelligence, and even if they didn’t, they would still lack any understanding whatsoever of why anyone in that position should need to employ virtues like diplomacy, patience, or restraint. They don’t grasp the importance of slowly building and shrewdly spending political capital, and they effectively place their desire to be edgy over their desire to actually get anything done.

Ummm….they helped get Trump elected. Does that not count for anything. They helped pull Andrew yang from obscurity to now being newsworthy and discussed over the internet and in the media despite his low odds. The clown memes are also everywhere and newsworthy. The media turns to the chans and Reddit for what is important and newsworthy and for emergent political and social social trends. Anti-dem still lives in a pre-2009 world where the media and pundits set the agenda and talking points.

A fine example of this is Ann Coulter, a shrill, impetuous moron whose inability to self-censor or employ any tact whatsoever led her to lose the ear of the President and any of the precious influence she might at one point have had on him and that might have helped her preferred policies to become reality. This is how habitual losers operate. To quote our MPC author again:

She had the ear but no one was listening, so she she just said ‘fuck it’ and turned against him.

When I have pointed this out to blackpillers, I have often been told (particularly when it came to the Yang Gang/Clown World memes currently fashionable in their circles) that I “wasn’t getting the joke”. But I’m not here to joke, and we have no need of unseriousness from those who would style themselves leaders of our movement and our people.

So you accuse blackpillers of being too serious earlier (such as “hostile reaction to the President’s 2019 State of the Union address”) and now they are not serious enough? Make up your mind. The point of the clown meme is that the world is becoming a joke so all your can do is laugh it it. That is all there is too it.

To survive what is to come, we must become strong and worthy. With that will come a renewal of dignity, self-respect, and ultimately, hope. But we will achieve none of it by begging our current elites for scraps from their table (something that, since they hate us and want us dead, would be suicidal anyway). Neither will we achieve it with despair, which is a sin for a reason. Nor either will we achieve it with snarky joking or ironic nihilism. None of these things help us, and I am tired of having my time wasted with them.

Begging for scraps and acquiescing is what the Trump administration appears to be doing. This is why some of his supporters are complaining, which is not the same as despair or nihilism.

It means that they can lay the blame for the fact that our problems aren’t getting solved on one man who they can imagine failed because he just didn’t try hard enough. That allows them to continue to deny the terrible truths before us: that our entire corrupt, sclerotic, rusty late-imperial system is beyond saving, that one man can’t make a difference no matter how much he wants to, and that we’re not voting our way out of this, so we’d all better start preparing for what comes next.

So who sounds like the nihilist now? First, accusing blackpillers of negativity and despair, and now he [anti-dem] says it’s hopeless. Again, no one expected that Trump would fix everything; rather, he failed to live up to even modest expectations regarding immigration, internet censorship, and other issues and complaints as discussed above. They [the black-pillers] don’t “deny the terrible truths before us”…what do you think the memes signify? What do you think clown world means? This guy cannot stop contradicting himself.

A lot of the blackpilling concerns online censorship of the right, but ideologically, the right tends to be opposed to government intervention that limits the autonomy of private companies. A democratic candidate may be more inclined to limit and regulate the power of social media companies. Many have correctly observed that censorship has gotten worse under Trump, and this is probably a response by social media companies to prevent a repeat of 2016.

In short, all of the hysterical fools who are blackpilled on Trump are victims of their own lack of perspective and realism. Trump is on balance a positive force, but he was never going to be able to bring back normalcy on his own. The blackpillers thought it would be as simple as voting for the right guy, and then they could then go back to being normies, worried only about their lawns and how the local Little League team was doing. So they elected Trump; now a couple of years into his presidency, they look around and see that we still have problems, and this fills them with anger and frustration.

Anti-dem is again creating strawmen and misconstructions. First, to be blackpilled is to renounce all hope, regardless of Trump winning or not. Such a person has little or no faith in politicians and democratic institutions to affect change. What anti-dem is describing is the outlook of a true believer. Second, you cannot say with a strait face that even single alt-right or dissident-right Trump supporter in 2016 expected Trump would fix everything. Few expected Trump fix much of anything, but for some, Trump has failed to meet their already rock-bottom expectations, and there is the perception Trump is not trying hard enough and availing himself of all his options. That’s the difference.

Trump was the best the system could do and its last hope. But by now it has to be obvious to anyone who isn’t fooling themselves that the system cannot be saved, and entirely other options must be explored. I’m sorry, I sincerely wish I could tell you all different, but we’re never going back to normal, and things will never again be the way they were when you were a kid. So what’s the plan now?

This is the black-pill position, that society is irredeemably and irreparably damaged. The difference is, Trump is not ‘the best the system could do.’ Given the enormity and complexity of the problem, I don’t think a single cohesive plan is possible. It’s more like a trial and error approach.