Thomas Sowell Reason Interview

The Morgan Freeman of economics, Thomas Sowell, is interviewed by Reason Magazine for the first time in 38 years. I dunno why during 2016 campaign so many were surprised that Dr. Sowell is a never-Trumper. For his whole life he has been employed by anti-Trump institutions and publications such as National Review. Dr. Sowell opposes… Continue reading Thomas Sowell Reason Interview

Quitting Social Media

This article went hugely viral I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me a lot happier — and that’s a big problem for social media companies The article went viral because it encompasses many shared themes and narrative. The article, in its criticism of social media, could be considered an indictment on modernity. Everyone… Continue reading Quitting Social Media

Myth of the limp-wristed liberal

The stereotype of the limp-wrist/weak liberal/democrat is probably wrong, and I’m not even sure where it came from because it is such an inaccurate portrayal of how most liberals are. When to comes to power and policy, liberals can be ruthless. French Revolution anyone? FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court and in violation of… Continue reading Myth of the limp-wristed liberal

De-motivational talks

One thing I have wondered is, why aren’t there any de-motivational TED talks or seminars. I would like to see a talk where the speaker fails at what he or she set out to do, and that is the entire presentation. There is no turnaround or comeback. Why are there no talks promoting ‘negative thinking’… Continue reading De-motivational talks