‘Basic Jobs’ vs. Basic Income

Another hugely viral Scott article: BASIC INCOME, NOT BASIC JOBS: AGAINST HIJACKING UTOPIA He’s possibly overestimating the efficacy of a UBI. A UBI, according to Scott, is supposed to eliminate poverty and bring individual life fulfillment. If a UBI is $10,000/year, that is still just slightly below the poverty line (for a single person). For… Continue reading ‘Basic Jobs’ vs. Basic Income

‘worst HBD article ever’

I say this sort jokingly but this qualifies as possibly the ‘worst HBD article ever’: Why Do Many Geniuses Have a Large Forehead? There is a lot wrong with this short article But quite a few super geniuses with IQ’s of 160–200 have extremely large heads. Christopher Langan had to special order a motorcycle helmet… Continue reading ‘worst HBD article ever’

High-level generators of disagreement

Scott continues to raise the bar of blogging to heights never before imagined. In his recent post VARIETIES OF ARGUMENTATIVE EXPERIENCE he discusses what he calls the “hierarchy of disagreements”. At the bottom is shaming, followed by ‘gotchas’, nitpicking, etc., and at the top of the pyramid are ‘high level generators of disagreement’. My experience… Continue reading High-level generators of disagreement

Nash Equilibrium and cooperative games: example

A lot of people have heard of Nash Equilibriums and cooperative games, but don’t understand why and how they are so powerful and useful. John Forbes Nash’s major contribution to game theory was showing how cooperation can yield better results than competition, overturning conventional economic notions that competition and the so-called ‘invisible hand’ always yields… Continue reading Nash Equilibrium and cooperative games: example

Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 11 (evolution of online journalism)

To take a trip down memory lane, as early as 2000 and all the way until 2010 so, you could get articles viral by provoking emotional triggers. Although emotional triggers still work, people have become much less impressionable, especially as of 2013, and now you need data visualizations, graphs, code excerpts, cartoons, and other accouterments… Continue reading Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 11 (evolution of online journalism)