Jordan Peterson vs. Michael Dyson on white privilege

This is pretty funny, but at the same time appalling given that intellectual midgets like Michael Dyson are actually in positions of power and taken seriously, when he should be ridiculed and ostracized:

In the comments, regardless of political affiliation, everyone agreed Michael Dyson sounded like a buffoon and had abdicated any intellectual credibility by calling Jordan Peterson a ‘mean mad white man’. That was his final retort, in desperation perhaps when he sensed that he had lost the debate. Just pure, unadulterated emotion, anger, and hatred on Dyson’s part when logic would not suffice. And his odd grunts, too, were unsettling and weird. And what would have happened if Peterson had countered “you are an angry black man?” Well that would be the end of his career of a public intellectual. White privilege indeed.

Vox Day made a mistake by virtue signaling and purity spiraling against Dr. Peterson instead of understanding that despite some differences regarding the interpretation of ‘truth’ and the literalness of the Bible, is on ‘our’ side.