The configuration of power

Ann Coulter is at is again about the wall:

As I wrote a few days ago, provided the economy doesn’t go into recession, Trump should have little trouble getting reelected, even if he fails to build a wall or is unable to pass substantive immigration reform. Reagan in 1984 and Clinton 1996 were reelected on the strength of the US economy and stock market, not because of specific legislative accomplishments. George W. Bush in 2004 won because of 911. Herbert W. Bush in 1992 lost, not because he raised taxes (as commonly believed), but because the economy was in recession in 1991, and also because Bill Clinton was a much more charismatic candidate.

The configuration of power, roughly, is of a pyramidal shape. At the top are kings, presidents, and emperors, such as Trump and his wife, and possibly the vice president. The second tier are the nobility and aristocracy; in the case of America, this includes Trump’s cabinet, family, and close advisers; but also Congressmen, Governors, Supreme Court justices, and high-ranking generals. The third tier are the bourgeois class, such as Ivy League academics, top journalists, major media personalities, fortune 500 executives, etc. These people have a lot of influence and power, but less so than the second tier. The forth tier are the petty bourgeois, which includes the professional upper-middle class, the middle class, second-rate academics and small-time journalists, etc…these people have much less influence than the above tiers. The fifth and lowest tier are the proletariat, who have virtually no power and influence, and no wealth. In the case of Ann Coulter, she’s part of third tier. Typically, the greatest threat to the top comes from members the second and third tiers, who are desirous and envious of the power and influence that comes from being at the top, that seems so close yet is unobtainable. That’s why Trump has to keep reshuffling his cabinet to purge the disloyal, or why Congress keeps stonewalling him. Ann Coulter wishes she were in charge, but she isn’t, so all she can do is sit from the sidelines and try to posture and gain status by haranguing Trump at a distance.