Anti-Trump desperation showing, and the GOP civil war

The life cycle of a Trump news dud

As the link above shows, the left (but also some on the ‘right’) want so badly for Trump to fail, they have to invent narratives and resort to wishful thinking, when reality alone won’t suffice, such as:

The narrative that Trump winning would doom and economy and stock market (S&P 500 is up 15% for 2017, it’s second-strongest year since 2009)

Wishful thinking that Trump would be impeached or resign due to scandal–that was 10 months ago, and he’s still in office–or that the GOP would throw Thump under the bus (although the ‘establishment’ doesn’t like Trump much, they have no desire to have him impeached). Just face it, Trump’s not going anywhere. The left is looking for anything or any shred of hope, however tenuous, to be ‘Watergate 2.0’

Or the Narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election. The left is so certain this happened, yet there is no smoking gun.

Or those Trump Jr. emails, which I correctly predicted would be a dud.

Or the narrative that Facebook, Google, and ‘fake news’ is ‘hurting democracy’. Had Hillary won, would there be as much outrage over fake news? Likely not. But because some ‘news’ websites may have lent a hand in the left’s favored candidate losing, suddenly it’s a crisis in democracy.

There is a veritable civil war going on the GOP right now. Although the ideological divide between the paleo/trad cons vs. neocons is decades old, beginning in 2013 due to issues such as immigration and Islamic terror, there was a sort of cataclysmic reversal of power from the latter to the former. The neocons are going to continue to throw up obstacles to Trump’s agenda, which explains partially why progress has been atypically slow. The ‘establishment’ wants Trump to lose in 2020 (by stonewalling him, so that turnout in 2020 is reduced due to lack of enthusiasm) so they can try again in 2024, because should Trump get a second term, it may be the start of a trend of more ‘maverick’ candidates, than just a fluke. The establishment is so desirous for power that they will choose losing an election over losing their own power.