Kevin Williamson’s Elitism

The White-Minstrel Show

Kevin Williamson’s message of self-sufficiency is mostly correct, although he belabors his dislike of Trump to the point that it distracts from anything useful he has to say. In invoking Daniel Patrick Moynihan and his report The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, Kevin argues that whites need to save themselves, and that Trump is not a savior for the white working class. Indeed so; Trump’s ‘Carrier deal’ despite all the media hype only ‘saved’ 1000 jobs, and predictably no further progress has been made returning jobs to America. And Trump’s tax cuts mostly help the rich (who also pay the most in taxes, btw). The S&P 500 is up over 15% this year, which is great for investors and the wealthy, but conditions have not improved for working-class Middle America, who find themselves with the same problems as before Trump came into office: fears over emergency healthcare expenses, job loss, debt, tuition, etc.

Kevin is a high-IQ, libertarian-type guy who strongly believes in the meritocracy, and he sees Trump as a dilettante who bumbled into the job by stroking voters with ill-conceived, delusional quasi-socialist and populist affirmations (which goes against the ethos of libertarian and neoconservative individualism), instead of by being the most qualified candidate. Trump, in Kevin’s mind, is like the mirror of Obama, but appealing to disenfranchised whites instead of blacks. Elites used to be the bete noire of the left, but now the ‘right’ are jumping on the bandwagon too in abandoning Buckley-era magnanimity for Trump-era crassness. Of course, this is subjective. Trump, despite his occasionally flippant public persona, knows when to become serious…he understands how high the stakes are for important issues such as national security.