Updating old posts

Things have been kinda slow in the alt-right-o-sphere. The alt-light is here to stay because so as long as they make money, they have no reason to go away. I don’t begrudge their success though. It’s a different business model than the alt-right. The alt-right needs a catalyst to keep going. IN 2014, it was Syrian immigration, gamergate, and the post-2013 SJW-backlash. In 2015-2016, it was Trump. Now in mid 2017, the momentum seems to have slowed. It didn’t help that r/altright was banned (which at the time was one of the best subs for those who wanted to discuss right-wing political themes, but not necessarily from a day-to-day news standpoint but more from a deeper philosophical or pragmatic standpoint). The loss of r/altright was a huge blow and nothing has come close to replacing it and a consequence the alt-light was able to gain more power. The alt-right fills a niche for those on the far-right who don’t want to carry the water for the Trump administration yet still want to discuss non-mainstream right-wing matters.

Updated Part 4 of the Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism series to include discussion of ‘Protestant atheism’ and David Foster Wallace.

Also updated Cambrian explosion’ of intellectualism