And Fear No Darkness

This is going viral: And Fear No Darkness

Despite its length, it’s not very convincing. It’s more like a belief than an argument. It’s just the author’s hunch based on some 4th turning ‘theory’ that there is a 50% chance there will be some sort of civilization-ending crisis in the 21st century. Falsifying it is like trying to prove a negative. Such eschatological predictions go back centuries, and despite crisis such has ww1 & 2 and 911, civilization caries on anyway. Marx predicted 150 years ago that capitalism would doom society..still hasn’t happened.

If you think there will be crisis, why not put your money where your mouth is, such as by betting against the stock market and then making the prediction and bet public….if a mere 5% decline in 2008 of GDP growth can cause a 50% decline in the stock market, civilization need not have to collapse very far to realize a substantial profit…easy, huh. (I’m not advocating anyone do this, but opinions and hunches are a dime a dozen; much rarer is someone who puts up skin in the game.)

Now look at the seventy years since 1945, the close of this last crisis. Once again the population has tripled. This time all over the world, pushing up against food, water and political limitations and cracking the facade of the nation-state lines drawn after the Great Wars. The waves of immigration have just begun and already they are breaking down the great peace of the second half of the 20th Century. Just wait until millions of refugees balloon into tens or hundreds of millions displaced by climate change, famine and civil disorder.

Since 2013 or so, immigration is THE issue that separates the ‘mainstream right’ from the ‘dissident right’. Immigration, particularly Islamic immigration in to Europe, is on the minds of millions of people right now…it is the most important issue, and is why Trump won and Brexit happened. I underestimated the importance of this issue until only recently. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is right that ‘terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a great global city,’ only because the leadership is powerless/unwilling to do much about it, so there will be more terrorism. So what does this have to do with collapse? Mass Islamic immigration and terror is symptomatic of the collapse of leadership of France, Ireland, Germany, and Britain, and this may spread to other countries, too. Eventually, leadership collapse may lead lead to economic collapse, or at least a radical change in demographic and the transformation of much of Europe into a quasi-Islamic state. It will probably take the equivalent of another 911–or worse–for the leaders of Europe to get their act together. But in disagreement with the author, this doesn’t mean total civilization collapse. China, Russia, and America will fill the void of a dying/fading Europe. Economically, this is happening already, as China and America continue to pull ahead of the rest of the world.