New ‘Alts’

In addition to the alt-right, which everyone is familiar with, new ones are constantly being invented: alt-left, alt-lite, alt-White, alt-West, and even ‘alt-rino’.

So here are some more that I made up:

Alt-rat (rational): this blog. Combines rationalism with elements of Dark Enlightenment; agnostic/atheist; HBD; leans libertarian and or minarchist; minimal activism.

Alt-trad (traditionalist): Vox Day. No-nonsense; typically an older demographic; nationalism/ethnicity/culture are upstream of economics; theistic; very smart and well-educated on matters pertaining to theology, literature, and history but also many other topics; some activism

Alt-nat (nationalist): Richard Spencer. Younger demographic; like Alt-trad, nationalism/ethnicity/culture is upstream of economics; very open to debate; very visible to media; lots of activism

Alt-bro: Brietbart, Milo; emphasis on politics and self-improvement from a right-wing perspective; some elements of Alt-nat and Alt-trade but not as much; hip and edgy – targets younger democratic; free speech, politics, and activism are very important

Alt-eso (esoteric): NRx and Dark Enlightenment; deep philosophical inquiry; covers a wide range of topics such as economics, HBD, social theory, political philosophy, and artificial intelligence; shuns activism and politics; described as the ‘intellectual priesthood’ or avant-garde of the alt-right.

Alt-intro (introspective): Richard Fernandez of PJ media; articles about social observations and ‘paradigm shifts’, from a right-of-center perspetive; uses the word ‘elite’ a lot