Khizr Khan story: Much Ado About Nothing

The latest manufactured outrage by the left is the Khizr Khan story.

The liberal media is trying desperately to create a narrative that:

-this story is important
-everyone is outraged
-that Trump blundered, he’s ‘unstable’ and ‘unfit’ for office

The reality:

– most people won’t even notice or care. Even though the name ‘Khan’ came up several times, for wherever reason (probably due to being busy with other stuff) I never investigated it further, until today. Given that I follow the news and still missed the story, those who seldom follow the news will almost certainly miss it. Just because something is in the news doesn’t mean people will actually read it, understand it, or recall it on election day. There are numerous studies that show how people, including the educated, are unable to accurately recall current events.

– not really, especially not Trump supporters, but the left sure wants people to think there is outrage. And then there are the virtue signalers on the right (#nevertrump), too, who are feigning outrage because they don’t like Trump. 90% of politics is tribal identity.

Look how Al-Jezeeera tries to subliminally plant a narrative that there is some sort of collective, bi-partisan outrage (emphasis added):

The father of Humayun Khan, a US soldier killed in Iraq, has been praised by many for his heartfelt and pointed words denouncing Donald Trump.

In marketing, this is called ‘social proof’. The reality is that ‘many’ means liberals. Using ‘liberals’ instead of ‘many’ would erode this proof.

– Trump has a valid point in banning Muslim immigration. According to the Wm. Robert Johnston Terrorist Archive, since 2013, there have been 23 individual instances of domestic terrorism (excluding the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers). 12, more than half, of these incidents involve Muslims, despite the fact they are only 1% of the US population. Part of making America great is keeping it safe from those who threaten it. Trump is playing into tribal party politics, signaling to his base ‘ingroup’ against the ‘outgroup’. In 2015, when when he called McCain a ‘loser’…Trump’s polls actually surged afterward.