Conspiracy Theories

Not much going on…same as usual. The media is like stack of megaphones placed in front a buzzing insect, amplifying the noise until it’s defending, working everyone into a frenzy. Tuning out the sensationalist media hype is the easiest way to not make investing mistakes, as well as live a happier life.

There are some conspiracies surrounding the Orlando nightclub shooting: what if the gunman didn’t act alone?

For some reason everyone gets worked up over conspiracy theories. ‘What if we’re all being lied to?’ What if? Then what. Usually there’s a pause, because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Are you going to stop going to work because 911 may have been an ‘inside job’. Does it affect your life in any material way, besides the nagging doubts over what your read and see from the media. Are people suddenly going to wake from their metabolic induced stupors and raise hell. No.

Were there multiple shooters? Doubt it. Otherwise there would be a manhunt. Given that there were 400 people in the nightclub, it would have been impossible for there to have been a second shooter without witnesses providing at least a facial composite. There is only one instance in recent history of a mass murder being unsolved, the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, which amazingly 25 years later is still cold.

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