More Correct Predictions (Greece, Facebook, Emerging Markets, Trump)

More Correct Predictions:

1. Most importantly, I was right about Greece being much ado about nothing. The major market indexes have since recovered all their Greece-related losses, as I predicted they would. Greece got thrown another lifeline, kicking the can down the road yet again.

2. Facebook stock keeps making new highs. The Social network is worth over $250 billion, on its way to overthrowing Apple as the most valuable company in the world. Facebook is everywhere, it’s an inescapable part of our lives and is transforming the landscape of information and human interaction, as well as creating the world’s biggest database, The Social Graph, from its over one billion users. This graph pretty much contains the interactions of every user with another user on the site, consisting of countless nodes and is so comprehensive that law enforcement agencies often make use of it. And then there are the billions of dollars of advertising revenue, which keeps growing year after year.

3. The emerging markets are lagging again in agreement with my prediction that they would despite a brief respite earlier in the year. With the exception of China, foreign markets an investment are still awful.

The divergence since May 2015 between the emerging markets (blue) and the S&P 500 (red) is quite obvious:

4. By attacking John McCain’s war record, is Trump trying to sabotage his campaign as a grand finale before dropping out, as I predicted he would? On the other hand, in 2004 the attacks on Kerry’s war record were justified because he embellished a lot of details, he disparaged the Swift Boat operations for political gain, and he disgraced his fellow servicemen with his post-Vietnam anti-war activity. Or maybe Trump is so delusional he thinks attacking McCain will help his campaign in some way. Anyway, this is probably the beginning of the downfall for Trump. While it’s expected of liberals to attack the military, a conservative (as Trump purports to be) should know better than to attack a fellow conservative serviceman, especially someone as beloved and revered as John McCain.